T-shirt Embellishment

Hi, everyone.

A few weeks ago, my neighbors from next door came over to help make a video on how to make a woven strip on the back of a T shirt. Here is the t-shirt that we cut and wove.

It’s a nice little embellishment, don’t you think?

striped shirt

woven t shirt

You need a t-shirt that’s kinda large and loose fitting. I’m not sure how this would come off on a tight t-shirt.

t shirt

Measure down from the bottom of the sleeve opening 1 1/2 to 2 inches.


Measure over from the side seam about 2 inches.  Start cutting 3 inch slits about 1/2 inch apart all the way across the back, stopping 2 inches from the side seam.


Then start making 3 inch cuts all the way across the back of the t-shirt from the two points you just measured.

black and white stripes

The best way to see how this process starts is to watch a little video we made. I hope you like the “stars” of the movie. I do.

How to Make a Woven Strip embellishment on the back of a t-shirt..

Once you get the strip woven all the way across, you need to sew down the first strip and the last strip in the row so they don’t unravel. Here we have a safety pin holding the first strip so we are going to remove the safety pin and make a simple tacking stitch to hold the strip in place.

starting point

Do the same for the end of the row also.


(Don’t pay attention to my thumb nail with a few stray sparkles still on.)

Turn the t-shirt inside out and VOILA!

striped shirt

I think a lot could be adapted with this technique, don’t you?

Your friend,


Do you want to see a funny uptake - one of the practice videos that didn't make it. It's so cute. Lindsay is a friend's daughter who agreed to help with making the video. This is a 3 second video..



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  1. What an innovative idea! It looks fun and easy to do. Thanks for sharing it.

    Crafty Journal

  2. That is cool Linda! Looks great! Thanks for sharing.


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