Repurposing an Old Twin Bed into a Blog Idea Board

What to do with an old twin bed headboard? Why, turn it into a blog inspiration board, of course. I’ve seen some headboards turned into different things and I wanted to see what I could do with an old headboard also.  I had an old bed headboard so I spray painted it and then went to town decorating it.

I don’t have a picture of the original headboard. Darn. Well, here is the finished product. I think you’ll be able to see the headboard in back of all the embellishments I’ve done.


I bought 2 dowels and glued them into some holes that were on the inside of the legs. I use little clothespins for clipping things onto these dowels.

I made a coffee filter flower in the upper left hand corner. It was really easy to make.


I also bought some corkboard squares from Staples and cut them to fit here and there on the headboard.

I thought it would be helpful to focus on ideas if I knew what month I was working on so I printed out the months and made a little pocket to keep them in. I used little clear tacks to keep the pocket onto the board.




I glued tiny clothespins onto the spindles so I could clip ideas or colors onto the board.


The corkboard came in blocks to I had to piece them together. See the seam? I thought I could cover that up with pictures or whatnots.

corkboard 2

This little “grow” banner came together very quickly.

Yes, those are duck pin bowling balls. I’ve had fun with bowling balls this year. See HERE for more bowling balls.


grow 2

Food. I’ve been making some food recipes... well, blueberry recipes, anyway. :)

Isn’t the little food banner cute?


I think this is going to help me to keep some of these magazine clippings organized at the very least!

twin bed

Here is the little headboard pressed into service..

twin bed organizer

I love that I can see all the different ideas from magazines at once. I love clipping out pictures and ideas now and tacking them up on my board. I think this is going to help me to keep organized and inspired.

Hope you enjoyed this. Do you know anyone who could use a little inspiration board? I think this would be great for kids, too.


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  1. Hi,Linda and Carol !!!!
    What a clever idea !!!! Congratulations !!!!!
    (I have followed your blog and I have been
    waiting for you to follow my blog ,too,as you promise)

  2. this is a great idea!I'd love if I have something like this,as it is helpful to organize the work...

  3. What a fun (and useful!) way to repurpose a headboard! Very clever!

    Crafty Journal

  4. Hello! I am stopping by via katherine's corner Thursday blog hop! I have enjoyed reading your blog and am now following you! Just thought I'd let you know! :)

    Sarah Ortiz


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