Goose Mural

My sister had this mural of a sitting goose painted above one of her doorways. When I was visiting last weekend, I took some pictures of it and a few of her other murals, too.

goose with eggs

Here’s a close-up.. Isn’t she a cutie?


If I wanted to copy something like this, I’d turn it into a black and white “sketch” on Picassa and the clear lines would make it easy to copy. Like below.

To copy this and paint one of your own, right click and copy to your computer under PICTURES and whatever file you want to put it in. Then print it out in 8” by 10”. Rub the back of the paper with a soft dark pencil and then place it wherever you want on the wall... maybe down by the floor if you don’t have a high ceiling. Then go over the front of the design with a pencil or pen and go over the lines of the head, the tail and the general shape of the body. When you remove the paper, the goose design will be on the wall. This won’t be as large but you would have the design as you see it here.
This is a fairly easy design and anyone could probably just freehand it, too, and make it any size you want.

pencil sketch

Then, of course, you still have to paint it. Use acrylics to fill in the head and the tail with a nice dark color – my art teacher  - an old fella who does Impressionistic painting – says to not use black. The Impressionists didn’t use black. They made a “colorful dark” by blending a dark blue with a dark reddish brown. Of course, they worked with oils and this is certainly best using acrylics so, go ahead and use black. (this was a ramble...)

goose mural

Thanks for viewing and have fun in the summer....

Don’t anyone blink or the summer will be over. (When I visit my sister in Pennsylvania, the time goes by so fast. It seems like I just get there and then I have to go home to Connecticut. Sometimes I’ll say to Carol when it’s time to leave, “You blinked! Otherwise the time wouldn’t be over now.”

When we’re having fun and creating stuff I’ll say to Carol, “Don’t blink”. But, of course, the time flies by and then it’s time to leave. I’ve been in PA a lot this summer between picking up the grands (several live in PA) and just plain visiting. It’s fun and we can really focus on the blog while I’m there. This past weekend we painted with homemade chalk paint. The results were mixed... pretty good but not great. I didn’t like the color of the table I painted and Carol didn’t like the texture of the table she painted. So this past week, Carol went with her daughter, Lori, so buy some of the Annie Sloan chalk paint and my sister says it’s a dream to work with. She already painted an old bike she bought in a gorgeous aqua color. See below.


In this picture she hadn’t put on the wax yet. You’ll be seeing some of our other projects using Annie Sloan paint and wax...

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  1. I love that mural and I've been dreaming of an aqua bike forever.
    Was fun stopping by today, and it's always good to see your name pop up at my page, friend.
    Have a lovely week.

  2. Oh, I love this goose mural! A real thrill for a bird enthusiast!:)


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