Fun Pinterest DIY Nails

My granddaughter is so into nail polish right now at 10 years old and she loves trying all the fun nail polish techniques so I thought I’d do a post on how to paint pretty nails.

My granddaughter, Faith, did these darling nails with some crystals I had in my bead supplies. She just went ahead and did her nails and then said, “Mimi (she calls me Mimi) take a picture of my nails. So I did. And here it is. 

Faith's nails

Then I went into Pinterest and there was a TON of DIY nails to do so I included them in this post also.

Polish Art Addict has an interesting looking darker polish, but it’s very cool... over a dark blue. It looks like a midnight sky scene.

How to do Ombre nails from Pinterest...

A crackle polish... from Pinterest...

Snow Angel.... from Pinterest.

Here’s one way to DRY YOUR NAILS... from Pinterest.

The Hybrid Chick has a tutorial on how to use scrapbook papers and apply these to your nails.

Here are some nail designs using nail tape and multiple layers of different colored nail polish from Pinterest.

How to put on perfect polish every time from Pinterest.

Fereckels shows how to turn unused eye shadow into nail polish. This looks like fun. I’m doing this. What’s more... she has several MORE DIY projects for nails.

Small Good Things has a watercolor effect nail DIY for us. This is an older post but I think it’s still pretty awesome. What do you think?

How to do a two tone nail polish on your nails DIY from Pinterest.

Cristina at Let Them Have Polish has a very short video on how to put on chunky glitter nail polish. Wonderful. I didn’t know this...

How to apply chunky glitter nail polish..

Finally, a DIY for the fancy, expensive nail polish jar you put your fingers into from Pinterest.

I hope you enjoyed this post on DIY nail polish techniques. I learned quite a bit.

Have a great night.


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  1. Excellent ideas !!!!!I liked best the idea of
    how to turn unused eye shadow into nail polish!!!
    Thank you !!!!!!!!!

  2. All looks so nice, thanks for all the info. First I have to scrub off all the paint from my fingers and nails ...

  3. Cute nailwear ideas - we used to put our hands in a bowl of ice water to seal/dry polish, that was in the 70's.

  4. Cute polish ideas! I've recently started back polishing my nails, and I'm always looking for new inspiration and tips! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!

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