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DIY Bracelet Holder

Isn’t this cute? My daughter made this for my granddaughter.

bracelet ea

They bought a cheap 5” x 7” frame and took out the glass and the backing and added these little cup hooks on the back of the frame, like so...

cup hooks in frame

That’s all there is to it, people! Now I’m thinking we could have added a little handmade flower in one of the corners.

bracelet holder

On the wall and easy to get to, these bracelets are neat and orderly.

on the wall

I also hung one of the new silver bangle bracelets we made yesterday...

how to hang bracelets

Have a great Sunday, everyone! It’s supposed to be a really great day here in Connecticut.

Your friend,


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  1. This is very nice, and practical too! I love that colored link bracelet that' s hanging!

  2. Very cute. Too fun.

    I would need a much LARGER frame for all of my bracelets.


  3. Very cute! I am thinking a few new bracelets and all the ingredients to put this together as a "grandma and me" project!

  4. Actually if you are going to do this craft yourself, you might want to drill a small hole before you screw in the cup hooks. My fiance screwed them in without a hole. I had barely made a dent.

    Good Luck with yours!

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