Pretty Cape May Porches

My sister and I and our Mom went to Cape May, New Jersey last week (the hottest week of the year – the woman who worked at the hotel said she couldn’t remember it ever being that hot – great). We drove around in air conditioning and took pictures of the beautifully decorated porches and houses of Cape May because it was too hot to be on the beach. One day it was 99 degrees.

And then look for a P.S. at the end of the post for some crafty stuff we saw, too.

Green porch

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the beautiful trim on all the porches. Look at the railings... oh, and the colors!!

green and pink house



Seaglass Cottage. Purple and Aqua. Yummy beautiful!!

aqua and pink house

blue and pink

front porch


IMG_3845 (800x600)

flowers on doors

These dolls were not out on the porch the first day we were there. The second day they were out.


Porcelain Dolls

Are these porches over the top or WHAT??? It was so fun taking pictures of them.
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I did take some pictures of cool outdoor stuff to make. Hope you get some inspiration!

Isn’t this a funky birdhouse?

crazy bird house

I’ve seen these bottle sculptures around the web. I still love it though. I’m wondering if I can make one... hmm..

bottle sculpture

Beautiful rose wreath... there are a LOT of roses on this wreath. 

beautiful pink flower wreath

I really like this cute painting of a bird hung on the front porch.

bird painting

Some cute patriotic banners... I want to hang some banners on my little front porch.


I’ve seen these on the web, too. Carol and I already have the plates picked out to make these. This plate is on a stake. Love ‘em..

dish flowers

This is how the plate flowers are held onto the ground. A bottle is glued upside down on the back and a metal stake goes into the bottle and then is staked into the ground.

Back of plate

This is pretty interesting also. This is a metal sculpture, believe it or not. It looks like a branch or a tree but it’s really all metal.

bird tree

Metal, rusted bird.

metal rusted bird

And here is a pretty flag we saw in front of one of the pretty cottages.


Best of summer to you all!!



  1. Oh my goodness! Those porches are amazing!!!

  2. Very much fun!

    One of the gals I blog
    with make a bottle tree
    out of tomato cages.
    She blogs at Over The
    Backyard Fence.

    Her bottle tree is pretty cool!


  3. Wow -- love the gorgeous colours & wonderful garden art! Thanks for posting. ;-)

  4. What pretty porches, I love all the colors!

  5. Cape May-One of my favorite places- we had a girls weekend earlier this year at a wonderful B&B-
    I'm following on Google!

  6. I absolutely love Cape May! Took the ferry from Lewes beach to Cape May a couple of years ago. Gorgeous porches, thanks for the pics.

  7. Hello Sisters!!!!

    What a great way to spend some time away from home!!!

    I love porches and these are gorgeous!!! I love the dolls that were put out. I have a buggy just that one and have a cat sleeping in it.

    What a beautiful summer idea!!!


  8. OMGosh! those porches are amazing!
    Such beautiful photos.
    I LOVE front porches. It's to bad we don't still live in the era when everyone had a front porch. A place to sit in evenings and visit. A welcoming place to greet visitors.
    Thanks for sharing!!
    Will visit again soon.

  9. Oh, I'm in LOVE! Those porches are gorgeous, especially on the pink house! You might want to look at my current post, I have Victorian homes shown on it that you might like to see. Have a great weekend! Gina at Victorian Wanna Be


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