My Secret Toolbox

How does a girl keep track of her tools in a household with 2 men (hubs and 26 year old son)?      I found a solution, finally, after all these years...


When I need a hammer or screw driver, there is never one in the tool drawer. Next comes a wild search for whichever tool I’m looking for.
First I ask the two guys I live with, “Do you know where there’s a hammer?”

No response.

“Hey,” I yell out, “Where’s a hammer?”.

Next comes the same reply from both of them, “I don’t know. I didn’t have it". Then, I go on a search for one myself. We have a  detached garage and sometimes I’ll go out and look in there but more often I’ll just use some heavy pliers to drive in a nail.

Well, those days are OVER!!! Take a look at my new toolbox. Does it look like a toolbox?  Let me answer that... NO.  Does it look like there might be a hammer inside?  Not a chance in you know where...

Are there tools inside?   YEP!

green purse

Here is the inside of the bag... I like to buy little old screwdrivers and hammers at tag sales. They have character, don’t you think?


I bought a small metal toolbox at a tag sale which I thought I was going to spray paint pink, even toyed around with the idea of painting all the tools pink, too, thinking  the boys wouldn’t want to use pink tools. In the end, I knew they would use the tools if they needed them around the house so that wouldn’t work. But what would work? What could be left out in plain view and not be suspected of having tools in? I spotted this cool old bag that was hanging up on an old hat rack in my hallway. The pink one is still hanging there on the left under a black hat.

old hat rack

I bought a small hammer (I buy hammers at tag sales like people buy milk at the grocery store). I always buy hammers, screw drivers, vice grips, and other various tools and grippers at tag sales.. they range from $ .50 to $2. so it’s no strain on the budget and keeps the tool situation fluid around here.

There is another purse just like it. Love the pink, too..

pink purse

This pretty, embroidered hanky was in the green bag. I thought it would be a nice touch to have it hang halfway out of the purse. Really girlie.

embroidered hankie

I also have bought these little prayer books at tag sales. One of the little prayer books has a date written inside of 1922.

toolbox 2

My tools are now in a pretty vignette on my old Singer sewing machine....

pretty purse toolbox

I should have named this post, “Hidden in Plain Sight”.

Oh, you are thinking how can I keep this a secret if I just published it to the world? Ha! You think hubs and son actually READ MY BLOG?  NOT! Sometimes I’ll go to son and say, “I want you to see what I wrote on my blog.”  No response. Again, “You want to see what I wrote on my blog?”.  That’s okay, Mom.  'That’s okay' means heck no. If I really want hubs to read something on my blog, I have to make him read it. So, yea, they won’t find out just because I put it on this blog. Nope.
I will have to be careful when I pull tools out of it, though, that one of them doesn’t see ...

It is HOT in Connecticut, my friends.


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  1. love this Linda! My husband and sons (24 and 21) are they same. I am going to use my old purse, brilliant idea.

  2. Love it! The men in my house are always losing my tools too :) They would never look in a purse though!

  3. Oh, what a fabulous idea! Your post had me laughing out loud. I'll have to try this trick. Thanks for stopping by and linking, so glad to have you!
    I'd love to see you gumball machines, too.

  4. Your tools definitely have character, and what a clever way to hide them - uh, store them!

    I used to hide my chocolate bars in the vegetable drawer of the fridge - no one ever looked there for ANYTHING!

    Crafty Journal

  5. Thanks, girls, for joining the conversation! You all should see what Patti did with a gumball machine. Very cool. Yea, Noreen, no one goes in the vegetable drawer. ha ha

  6. This is IT..the most unusual, creative solution ever..I have the let's see if I can keep it a secret at my lady!!

    will follow-will return


  7. I love your vintage handbag tool box! Although I use my vintage handbags for well, handbags! I could see myself using a longer one for a toolbox for sure. Love this post! Hugs,

  8. I'm gonna do this!!! Cutest thing ever!

  9. Ha Ha so funny Linda. I love what you did with the tools. :)

  10. power tools can really save you from a lot of headache, specially when the job is very hard.
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