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How to Turn a Summer Purse Into Door Decor

My daughter, Laura (the greenhouse girl) mentioned that she needed something for her front door. She was thinking along the lines of a basket and I said, “I have a straw purse that you could use. It’s red and pink and it’s like a basket. I bought it at a tag sale”.  She looked at it and said, “Okay”.

pink and pretty

So we went to Joann’s Crafts and matched it up with some silk flowers.

Here’s the $2. straw pocketbook I bought at a tag sale. It’s pretty cute all by itself and it has a label inside that reads “Coldwater Creek”... quite a bargain, huh?

Red straw purse

After we picked out the pretty pinky red flowers, we (she)decided it needed a little more embellishment so we looked around and found these really cute burlap flowers.

flowers with a clip

They have a clip on the back so we just clipped the flowers onto the purse. One was a little different color – they were in a discount bin – but we took all 3 anyway. We ended up using only 2 of them because they are so large.

burlap flower

two burlap flowers

This was pretty easy to put together but when I thought about how it would be hung from the back handle of the pocketbook, I thought it might hang open. So I stitched right through the purse to hold the back and front together. This was not that easy but it was doable and now the bag stays altogether.

Sewing 2


door decor

Here it is on my daughter’s back door.

Straw purse 2

Didn’t this turn out cute? It’s so perfect for her Cape Cod house, too.

Best wishes and keep cool.... gosh, it’s hot here in the Northeast.


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