12 Ways to Show Our Flag’s Colors

Happy 4th of July, everyone!!! Let’s celebrate!!


Patriotic wreath I made last year..



Nicole at Thrifty Decorating made these cute flip flops. Don’t you love them? Made with ... well, you just have to go over to see... heh heh..



How about a milkshake from Will Cook for Smiles? She gives full directions with pictures... and smiles...



The Moon and Me made some awfully cute patriotic shorts. I think you’ll agree. AND they were easy. I’m still trying to figure out how I am going to adapt this tutorial to something...



Christine, from I Dig Pinterest has a gorgeous patriotic mantel with all handmade fun stuff on it. She shows how to make the stuff or get you to the place that makes it.



Shaken Together has a darling pillow.



How about this “No sew patriotic banner” from The Benson Street.



Polish Me Please has these fabuloso American Flag nails and shows how to do them also. Cooler than cool.



Believe it or not? Toenails, too. I’m so doing this.  NailsMag.com



Here is a unique way to show the colors.


Long American flags


Beautiful, traditional ways to show our flag..


American flag


Beautiful porch with a flying American flag.


House with flag


Hope you have a great Independence Day and be sure to come back tomorrow night for What to do Weekends!






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