What to do Weekends #22

Welcome, Everybody, to What to do Weekends Party! I’m so glad you are here and sharing your awesomeness with us!


You know the drill. Add your links. As many as you want. NO RULES!!!
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I go from party to party also and it’s hard when you have a list that you want to link to but it’s important (don’t you agree?) that we support one another in blogland. Your hostesses,
***Linda and Carol ***
Before we get started we wanted to feature some of our guests from last week.

All these have been PINNED on my pinboards and also Carol’s pinboards.

Now for the features:

Denise, at BeBetsy, is making pillowcase dresses for the little girls in Uganda. That is such a beautiful thing to do. I wish I had known about this earlier because the cut off time is May 31st for anyone who wants to join in and help make the dresses. Since that is tomorrow, it’s not likely to happen. Thank you, Denise, for helping out the children of Uganda! Beautiful.

Natasha has a scrumptious looking Yogurt Bread made with baking powder so it looks easy to make. I’m going to make this for sure!

Anjana, at the Corner of Happy and Harried,  remade an old handmade into a GORGEOUS one!!! Bravo, Anjana!!! I love it.

Lisa, at Hoopla Palooza, (cute name) made some very fun popsicles. These are not your ordinary popsicles, people!!!

Alex from Alex Haralson, shows us how to make Cream of Anything Soup! This is so informative! Love it.

Evelyn, from My Turn for Us, has this most wonderful looking dessert for us.

Beverly, from Tea Party Pretties, shows how to make pretty sugar cubes. I think I’m going to make these for my mother’s birthday celebration!! Thanks, Beverly!

Noreen, from Crafty Journal, has an INGENIOUS idea for keeping little ones busy at the beauty parlor. Check this out!! I love it.


  1. Hello! I'm a new follower, and linking up for the first time (#22-24). Thanks for hosting!

  2. hello girls! Thanks for giving us so many ideas for what to do on the weekends! Thanks, Jenna

  3. Hello Linda and Carol. Thank you so much for hosting and letting me join in. Now off to see what others have posted. Hopefully some cookies since that is what I submitted this week. I am so proud of these. They are the best cookie I ever made thanks to Anna Pump.

  4. Dear linda, thank you ever so kindly for featuring my sugar cubes. They were so much fun and so easy to make. However, the best part is , they are soooooo lovely. I drink a lot of tea and they come in handy. I suspect I will be making many more of them. Beverly Tea Cottage Pretties

  5. Linda, thanks for your sweet comments about my Beauty Shop Busy Board! And thank you for hosting every week. And thank you, Carol, for hosting. Have a lovely weekend!

  6. thank you SO much for featuring my popsicles Linda and Carol! have a wonderful weekend :)

  7. Thanks for hosting, ladies! Have a lovely weekend :-)

  8. Thanks so much for featuring my cream of anything soup! :D Thanks for hosting each week!

  9. Thanks for hosting! Have a great week...

  10. Thanks for hosting, enjoy your weekend :)

  11. Thanks for hosting! Glad to be back:).

  12. Thank your for hosting today, ladies. Great features (love that purse!)
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  13. Thanks for the feature!
    - Anjana @ www.happyandharried.wordpress.com

  14. Hi Linda,
    Thanks so much for hosting.
    Debi and Charly

  15. Thanks for hosting! Have a happy weekend. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  16. Wow!! I was so excited to see my yogurt bread!!! You made my day =)


  17. Hi Linda! Thank you so much for the FEATURE! We appreciate it. The dresses we made are further down the post. The feature picture is actually from another blogger who started helping. Would you be able to pull one of the other pictures for the Feature? Sorry for the confusion, we just wanted to make sure no one thought we were misrepresenting.

    There are opportunities everywhere to make these dresses and help others. We were thinking of the local Safe Houses for women and children or contact one of the local charities in our town to start a drive to do this. While they won't make it to Uganda they will still be very much appreciated. Maybe we could coordinate something?! Thanks again! We so value the relationships we make with bloggers like you and are happy to know you. All the best! Sharon and Denise

    BeBetsy Link and Hop!

  18. Woo hoo, I can comment!

    Some feally cool stuff here today.


  19. Thanks so much for featuring my Watermelon Star Cake!! You made my day:))) And thank you for hosting a great party each week!!

    Hugs My Friend!!

    See you tomorrow at Lets Get Social Sunday!

  20. thanks for the invite! glad to be linking up

    Claudia @ www.prettylittledahlia.com


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