Plywood Shrubs?

Plywood foundation plantings. Really?
About 15 years ago I saw some pictures online of a stage set where they had made shrubs and trees out of plywood. I thought that was the cutest thing and I wanted to make them for the front of my house for two reasons. One, It had such a fairytale look to it, whimsical, too. Two, it left a lot more space for planting flowers which I love.
My oldest daughter, ever practical, said, “Mom, why don’t you just plant real shrubs?”  NO WAY! I like the plywood shrubs.
Anyway, since the original ones fell apart I asked my nephew, Mike (Adirondack cabin owner and furniture maker) to cut out new ones. Thank you, Mike!


I brought them inside the house and did a lot of the painting in the dining room. I did 2 coats of Bin Primer on each one – back and front. And then 2 coats of this medium green color.  Then I took a sea sponge and dabbed here and there with some darker green paint and light yellow.


Here I was looking at the color outside.

trying out the color

Do you remember all the tulip bulbs we bought in Walmart right after Christmas? I paid $ .02 a bag!! So, of course, we bought 4 huge boxes full of bulbs. And then I had to visit other local  Walmarts to make sure I bought ALL THE TULIPS in EVERY WALMART! We had boxes and boxes of tulips. It was great. I was so elated. The only thing that put a little bit of a damper on all this happiness, was knowing that ALL THESE BULBS had to be planted and SOON. It was cold out, too. It was the second week in January!   The hubs dug the holes and I put about 36 tulip bulbs in each hole. The ground was not frozen and we got about 75% of the bulbs in the ground and then we got tons and tons of snow which lasted until later in March. Then I got started planting bulbs again. It seemed like that there was an unending amount of tulip bulbs to plant. Laura (greenhouse girl) got just as many tulip bulbs as I did and her place looks like Holland in bloom.
The original post about the tulips is HERE.
And ta da!! Here are some of the tulips in bloom. I love them so much.

red tulips

black dog

pink and red

I should take lots and lots of pictures of tulips, shouldn’t I?

window house 5

Here is the little glass house I made from old windows. Mike helped me with this, too.

crafts a la mode2

The other side of the door.

front gardens

IMG_1267 (800x600)

The pink bike... do you see the little violas blooming on the edge of the walkway?

green plywood

Aren’t they sweet? They come up on their own, too.


aka: Johnny Jump-ups...

johnny jump-ups

Here’s Bunny posing with the flowers.

plywood bushes

I have been working on these for weeks... Finally, they are done and in place.

Well, that’s about it for the plywood shrubs or foundation plantings. One of the best things about these is that you don’t have to trim these – EVER. One drawback? You can’t hang Christmas lights on them! (or maybe I could?)

Did anyone ever see these anywhere around the web?

Thanks, everyone, for viewing. You are the best!! Have a great day!!


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  1. Great idea to hide the electrical box in the back corner where NOTHING will grow! Perfect -- just have to convince my purist husband. . . or do it when he is out of town! Thanks so much for sharing on A Pinch of Joy!


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