How to Make a Hand-Tied Bouquet

It’s easy to make a hand-tied bouquet! Michele, my niece, who is a horticulturist and all around crafty person showed me how to make a hand-tied bouquet tonight. It came out SO PRETTY!!


Michele went out and picked some Hosta leaves to put on the outside of the bouquet. She also put some Euonymous branches in there. Some of the tulips I picked from my yard. I think we could have done an entire bouquet from what we could find in the yard but I wanted to make it special so that Mom would have a nice bouquet for Mother’s Day. So I went to Stop and Shop and bought a bouquet for $7.99. I picked a bunch that was mostly pinks and that had a white rose in it.

Michele did a video tutorial on how to wrap stems on a bunch of flowers. Thank you, Michele!!

First she wrapped the stems with wire to keep them together while she wrapped the stems with ribbons (since we didn’t have wire we got creative and wrapped together 3 bag ties. They worked just the same.)

Wrapping stems

Then she started wrapping the stems from the top underneath the blooms and worked down the stems and then back up again, tying off near the top.


We picked a light pinky lavender color ribbon to wrap the stems with.

wrapped stems

We also picked some violets that are blooming all over the place right now and made 2 little bouquets out of them. And then we hand tied them also.


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See the little violets bouquet?


Here’s Michele showing Mom the bouquet.

Michele and Mom

Wegman’s has some nice bouquets. VERY COLORFUL, some bright orange and bright red. Here’s a calm yellow. :)

hand tied

We ended up putting the bouquet in this vase.


I think a bouquet like this would be perfect for a little girl’s dance recital, too. Don’t you?

Have a great weekend.


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  1. You girls are super talented and have a great eye for beauty :)

    To Linda:
    I might be a bit early but I'd like to wish you Happy Birthday as on the 5th is our Easter and I will most likely be engaged into way too many delicious courses with my family. Enjoy your day!

    1. Thank you so much. I hope you have a happy 5th!

  2. Thanks, Amy, for the complement. Have fun at the recital...

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