Pretty Glass Jar Makeover

l was looking for some kind of a glass juice drink jar because I had seen some pretty cute glass bottles and jars all over the blogs. I knew I wanted to make something like them and I wanted to do it right away. I didn’t have any glass juice bottles so I hunted around and came up with a pretty cute Vlasic pickle jar. I went to town with some of my pretty craft paper. First I covered the middle of the jar with green and white polka dot scrapbook paper (do you see a theme here? I just did a green and white polka dot square wreath last week HERE). Then I cut some strips out of a different paper and put a strip of that on the top and a strip on the bottom of the green and white polka dot paper. I secured all these with scotch tape in the back of the jar. I wanted this craft done quickly so I didn’t want to belabor the use of this or that glue...

I wrapped the thready green yarn around and around and used a hemp string to make a bow. Wala! Quick, easy, and satisfying. AND a place to put some pretty forsythia blooms.

Did you see the cute swirlies at the bottom of the jar? So pretty like they knew someone was going to do something crafty with these jars.

Here is the pretty jar dressed up. Isn’t it cute? Anyone can do this and it was so satisfying.

hairy string

I went outside and cut some of the forsythia which is in bloom right now in Connecticut. (Washington D.C. has their cherry blossom trees in bloom right now. –that’s just a tidbit of information. :)

yellow bird

yellow branches

This is a little old barnwood cupboard we had made in the Amish Country in PA several years ago. Then I decided to crackle it and stencil it with birds and vines.


Here’s the top of the cupboard:



This week I have been posting about everything yellow. Has anyone else noticed that? First it was the yellow citrus soaps and then the lemon meringue pie with a big old lemon right in front of it. Now this: yellow forsythia!

But I like yellow, a lot. I bought some yellow earrings today that are WAY over the top BRIGHT BRIGHT yellow. After I bought them I realized they are too bright to be worn. My friend who came with me said, “Too bright”. I hate to take them back but I have no use for them if I’m not wearing them. WAIT: Maybe there is a reuse for old glass beaded earrings?

And besides the person who wears these should also be wearing a yellow suit and a yellow hat,  possibly yellow shoes. Then it would all work together. My lavender with white polka dots sweater is not going to cut it.

yellow earrings

Pretty yellow forsythia.


Thought I could get a few more yellow things in... like these daffodils at my mailbox.


Or what about the word “yellow”?


Doesn’t this make you want to get out the scrapbook paper and look for a jar to put it on?

Does anyone else like the color yellow as much as I do? (I need a yellow sweater). :)

Good night, my lovelies... sweet dreams.


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  1. Hi Linda, this is so pretty and looks just lovely on the cabinet! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week.

  2. Linda! this is so pretty and perfect for spring! I love yellow too! Last year, I bought 4 big yellow pillows for spring/summer and I don't regret it; it's a happy color for happy people! :-) I like those earrings too and yes, I did notice that you've posted "yellow" this last week! Hope you will have a great week! Ingrid

  3. Such a great way to transform something basic into something stylish! You've been featured this week - stop by & grab a Featured On button. Thanks for sharing & linking to the Craftastic Monday party at Sew Can Do!


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