Easy Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors

Last year my sister, Carol (the other succulent sister) made a bedroom for her granddaughter on the sun porch.  Only problem? It was all big glass windows and a sliding glass door going into the kitchen. How to give privacy to her little granddaughter without spending a fortune?

Here is the porch with the sliding glass doors looking into the kitchen... not much privacy.

polka dot curtain

She made some easy privacy curtains using pretty cotton fabric and some curtain clips with rings like this:

pink curtain

Here is the room now... See the tree and bird mural? Carol and I painted that about 10 years ago. It still works for the bedroom now.

sliding glass doors

She bought this really cute pink fabric with white dots.

She measured the length of the sliding glass doors and added 10  inches for the top and bottom hems.

She doubled that number so that the curtain would be 2 widths going across the doors. Cotton fabric is usually 45” wide so, finished, the two panels would be about 80 inches wide after hemming the sides, plenty wide enough for a 6 foot sliding glass door.

(Update: My sister said you wouldn't even have to hem the sides because the selvage is there and is a finished edge in itself.)

Add the clips to the top and put the rings through a curtain rod and you have a quick privacy curtain!

Then there were the windows – the whole porch is windows.

There are two twin beds in the room also.

twin bed

Carol did the same thing with the windows. Here she used white eyelet fabric.

closed curtain

And also a beautiful big, white cutwork fabric panel which stays stationary.

quick curtains2

White clips with wooden rings. Very easy to clip these onto fabric that you’ve hemmed and then slide through a curtain rod.


Beautiful room, no?

porch bedroom

Hope you enjoyed this. Isn’t the weather grand? I hope it’s grand where you are!! Best wishes, my lovelies.


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  1. very cute!

  2. These curtains came out so cute.
    Have a great week.

  3. Beautiful job! Sliding glass windows have been perplexing to me. And I love how the room is decorated. The bedding is lovely. Lynaea @ EveryDayBloom.com

  4. A great, inexpensive way to solve a problem! For our sliding patio door, we put hooks above the frame and used pvc pipe for the rod. Hemmed a large piece of fabric and slipped it on the pipe. Works perfectly!


  5. That's another way to do it, also very simple. Thanks for joining the conversation, Noreen.

  6. Great curtains! And what a cute bedroom for a granddaughter. :D

  7. Beautiful ! simply an awesome sliding curtain (schiebevorhang)
    collection. These amazing curtains can actually add a decor to the house along with making it even more valuable. I too want to buy them for my home.


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