Turn your old jewelry into amazing hair adornments

What to do With Old Jewelry – Part 2

Hi, everyone, As you know I’ve been working with old jewelry and having a ton of fun doing it.This post is a continuation of What to do With Old Jewelry Part 1.
My daughter mentioned that hair adornments are pretty expensive to buy so I thought it would be fun to see if I could make some pretty hair jewelry... for CHEAP. And the answer to that would be YES. I think these came out pretty.  See if you agree.


Here is the jewelry...I bought most of these at tag sales for cheap.... like 25 cents apiece.

old jewelry

First I picked out the old earrings. You know the ones that your grandmother wore – big, fat clip ons. Then I bought some hair clips and glued the earrings onto them. I will probably wire them on also so that they won’t fall off. You can you use jewelry glue but  I use Fabri Tac which is my all around glue for everything.


pink pearls

I didn’t think I’d be able to use the big white pearl earrings but I think it looks great!


crystal earrings

Are you beginning to get the idea? EASY!

Then I put some of the big earrings and brooches on headbands. Here’s a beauty!

large pearl


This is a little vintage brooch. Love it.


The best thing about working with the headbands is that I could glue 2 or 3 earrings on each band.

several earrings together

This is GLITZY!

lavendar gems

old jewelry

Aren’t the possibilities ENDLESS?? It’s mind boggling!

Then I also had these little golden colored earrings to tend to....

clip on earrings

How about hair band elastics with embellishments?


Add the black hair elastic and glue closed. If you don’t glue the hair elastic to the earring then you’ll be able to slide it around after you get your hair up in a ponytail.

hair tie

earring hair elastic

Nice, huh? Who would’ve thought!


The more I work with this old jewelry the more ways I find to use them.
Gosh, I had fun with this project. I still have What to do With Old Jewelry Parts 3 and 4 to post over the next couple of weeks, also.
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