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Nothing reminds us more of Spring than a warm day and seeing your first butterfly of the season, right?


bright pink

And I’ve been on a real butterfly kick, too. I did a full butterfly mantel at my Mom’s house after Christmas.


I cut all the butterflies freehand out of pretty scrapbook cardstock in all different shapes and colors. It’s a lot of fun for me so, of course, I want to keep doing it.
Therefore, I had to find another project to do with all the paper butterflies I had. Here is what I came up with:

Decorating my succulent plants with paper butterflies!

Did I mention I’m into succulent plants right now? Home Depot had a whole new lot of succulents in our local store ranging in price from $3. to $5. So I bought a number of them and then had to visit ALL the local Home Depots...  I’ve never had such a beautiful selection of plants.
They make me happy just to look at them!

green succulent

This butterfly almost looks like the succulent plant. :)

butterfly succulent

I made this plant stick with a piece of wire, doubled with the fold at the bottom which goes into the soil of the pot. The top 2 pieces of wire become the butterfly’s antennae. I glued the butterfly on with Fabri Tac glue.


Here it is in the plant.


This one I just tucked into the back of the plant.

green and pink

This one I glued onto a stick. It was a Friendly’s hamburger slider stick from a kid’s meal (you never do know where or when you will find something to reuse). Then I cut two skinny strips of paper to act as the antennae and glued them to the butterfly.


Here I glued the butterfly to the front of the pot.


Have I mentioned that I love succulents. It’s a brand new thing for me. I haven’t been interested in having indoor plants but succulents are so easy to keep. In the winter you only need to water them once a month. I can handle that. :) That’s because they are dormant in the winter... all things I’m learning about succulents.

My daughter gave me her aloe plant which is great because it helps so much with burns. You snip off a little piece of the plant, open it up and rub the juicy stuff inside onto a burn or even a scrape.


I have a dog stone sculpture which I bought last year at the Connecticut Flower Show. He’s sitting in amongst the succulents. :)


I don’t think this pretty Kalanchoe plant needs a butterfly but at this point everything that didn’t walk, had a paper butterfly taped to it. :)

butterfly fun

butterfly garden

Pretty 2

I thought I’d throw that word in there.  It gives a certain feeling, doesn’t it?

I’m into paper feathers, too....

paper feathers2

paper feather

I made up a sheet of patterns for different shaped butterflies in case anyone wanted to print it out. I tried putting it into Google Docs but somehow I couldn’t get it just right so I’ll have to work on that a little bit more. For now, if you right click on the picture pattern and save it to your pictures or desktop, you’ll be able to print it out from there. It's an awful lot of fun.... making paper butterflies.

butterfly templates3

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of flora and fauna (albeit fake fauna).

Do YOU have any plants you’d like to dress up? Have you ever cut out paper butterflies?
 I’d love to hear about it.

Thanks for reading, my friends..


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  1. These are lovely! the feathers are so unique! They'd be perfect for a spring party! I just bought a moss bunny plant stake at pier One- but these DIY's are so fun!

    1. Oh, a moss bunny, huh? Hmmm... how could I make that? :) Thanks for commenting, Christina.

  2. Very fun! I love the blog walk idea. Thanks for sharing & blessings to you, Patti

    1. Thanks, Patti. Maybe you want to join us next time?

  3. Hi Linda,
    I love your butterflies. They came out so cute. Have a great day. Fun Blog Walk.

  4. Looks like you really had such a good time with your little project. I love butterflies too. I don't have indoor plants in this house No room really. Yours look lovely on the window sill. Thank you for visiting and your sweet comments. x

  5. Linda, I love these butterflies. So beautiful. Glad to be a part of the Spring Blog Walk. Come join me for my Tasty Thursdays linky party too. It goes live tomorrow night. Thanks, Nichi - The Mandatory Mooch www.mandatorymooch.blogspot.com

  6. Hi Linda,
    We love butterflies too. It is fun to see the Blog Walk getting larger this time.
    Hope your having a great week.
    The Busy Bee's,
    Myrna and Joye.

  7. Sorry for my tardiness on the walk...it posted just as we were leaving on vacation. Both my daughter & I love the butterflies!


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