Sandwich Paper Pockets

Sandwich Pockets made out of paper?
Have you ever eaten a sandwich and had some of the insides fall out? That is an affirmative for me and the people around my house.
A few days ago I was making scrambled eggs for hubster when he said he didn’t have time to sit down and eat. I quickly put the scrambled eggs in a hard roll and found out they didn’t want to stay in there! I wanted hubs to have his whole sandwich – not half.  Hmmm.... I thought, what could I wrap this in so that the stuffing doesn’t come out?
I had a few paper towels and was trying to wrap the towels in such a way that I could tuck the sandwich in a pocket like thing. Subway wraps their sandwiches, right? I should be able to find a way to wrap a paper towel in a way that a sandwich roll would tuck in neatly. I tried. It didn’t work. 
Then my eyes fell upon a large cupcake paper which almost was big enough. It would work in a pinch but then I thought ‘what would be similar to a cupcake paper?’ and then a light bulb went off in my head............. COFFEE FILTERS!! (Okay, it’s not the theory of relativity but it felt good to come up with a solution to a problem.)

Large Coffee Filter

There was still a problem, however. It  was too wide and it needed to form more of a pocket SO I thought if I SEW a seam and make it more curved, it might work. So I drew a line where I thought it might be the right size for a large roll.

Coffee Filters

I sewed straight down where I had made the line with a pen.


Now it makes a pocket! All ready for the sandwich roll!


Here is the egg sandwich, ready to go...

sandwich paper holder

I put more than one together to make it look better.

Sandwich Holder

See those eggs trying to escape to the floor? HA – little do they know the dogs are waiting for them...


Has anyone ever had this problem? How else could this be solved?

Update: Noreen from Crafty Journal and Paula from Chillin with Quillin offered the suggestion of stapling the coffee filter papers instead of sewing them. Guess what? This morning I stapled the coffee filter paper!! It works great. I hope he doesn't eat the staples. ha ha Thanks for the suggestion girls. Let's face it unless I sew a whole bunch of pockets at once it's not gonna happen. Oh, well,... it's all learning...

Best wishes,


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  1. Linda,
    This looks yummy! Love for you to pop over to my link party. See you soon :-)
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

  2. That makes a great sandwich holder! I wouldn't want to get my sewing machine out every time I ate, tho. Do you think a few staples would work as well?


    1. I thought I'd make a stack of them. Probably not going to happen, though. Yea, I think staples would be fine. I'm still looking for the best solution. Thanks for joining in the conversation, Noreen!

  3. Great idea, have to give it a try!

    1. Thanks, Nancy. If you come up with something, let me know!

  4. what a neat idea, I think staples would work, the sanwhich looks yummy to !!!

    1. Paula, I think the staples are winning out. :) Easy, quick.

  5. Oh, what a good idea1 I am so pinning this!

    hugs x

  6. very clever Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop your participation is what makes it so much fun. Hugs!

  7. Hello dear Linda! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Come check out how to accept!


    1. Oh, how nice, but I've already received the Liebster Award! Have a good weekend and thanks for joining in the conversation...


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