Love Letters from Vietnam

On this Valentine’s Day I wanted to share a few of the letters that my long –time Valentine sent to me while he was in Vietnam in the Army.

This was our wedding reception. We were married at Fort Hood, Texas when we heard the news that he was going to be sent to Vietnam. When we came back to Connecticut, my mother gave us a reception.

Richard and Linda

Thinking of Valentine's Day, made me think of all the letters I had stashed away upstairs in a closet. A few years ago I took them down from the attic and got a big kick out of how mushy some of them are. This is the perfect day to share some mushiness, right?

 Here he is in Vietnam:

So I took out the box of letters that I have kept all these years, most of that time in the attic. I started to go through the letters (and there are a LOT of them – we wrote each other almost every day). It was a sad time in my life because we had just gotten married and he was shipped overseas to a war zone. In those days, there was the draft which means you have to go into the service whether you wanted to or not.

Army man

I was working at a bank at the time and there was a girl there whose husband was in Vietnam and I remember saying, “How does she do it.”  Then my husband got the news that he was being shipped overseas also. I lived with my parents until he came back one year later. My husband was gone  from January 1967 to January 1968. It was a long year but we made it and we’ve been together ever since.
Here are a few love letters from my Valentine that he wrote to  me from Vietnam so many years ago.

IMG_8281 (800x600)

Bob Hope always gave a Christmas Show to the soldiers in Vietnam every year and Richard was thrilled to see his show, too. It was a real highlight for the boys. I think Raquel Welch was one of the stars that went that year. I didn't find the letter that described Bob Hope's show but here is a snippet of the upcoming event.

IMG_8309 (800x600)

letter from my honey2

 Mon petite chou means my little cabbage in French. That made me giggle when we were going together.

 Happy Valentine's Day to all!! Much love,

 Hi there and WELCOME! So happy that you came by to visit.
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