Giveaway Winners and a Valentine Elf

Last week I made these pretty heart pillows and offered them as a giveaway.

heart pillows

Pink heart pillow

The Raffle Girl didn’t want to change out of her pajamas. Here she is:


Here are her fingers and the papers with the names on them.


Drum roll, please. brrrrrel drrrummm..
And the winners are:

Diana from Diana Rambles.


Evelyn from My Turn for Us


Roberta from  A Little Bit of Everything.


And I added a fourth pillow because one of them was almost done. It just needs stuffing so I’ll finish it up and it gave another WINNER!
This time we (my Raffle girl and I) decided that Sonny, the human duck, could pick the winner.

sonny the duck


Here is the bowl of papers. Sonny sticks his beak into the bowl and papers...


And we have a WINNER!


Penny from Penny’s Treasures.


UPDATE on the thistle feeder I made from a soda bottle. The finches found the two feeders.

Birds at feeder

It’s emptying out pretty fast, too. Of course there’s not much around for them to eat since we are under 34 inches of snow right now here in Connecticut.

finch at feeder

Congrats to all who won my little pillows. I sure hope you all enjoy them. To everyone else... I’ll be having more giveaways of the things I make.
I’m so happy to give things away to my followers. I’m so grateful for YOU!!
Happy Heart Day!

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  1. I am so excited to have won one of your sweet pillows! Hugs, Penny

  2. Those pillows are divine--and I love your duck drawing method. LOL!! --Sandy Leigh

  3. Wait, you have pet ducks... that's something you don't see every day! Happy crafting!

    1. Can you believe? He has a diaper and everything. Because he's an imprint he can't be with the rest of the ducks outside. My son hatched him and my son was the first person he saw. So he thinks he's human! Have a good week. linda

  4. What a smart duck. That is so cute. Hope duck doesn't potty in the house, lol. How did you get the duck to pick out a paper slip from the bowl? Pretty clever. Your human picker is pretty cute too even in her jams.
    Really enjoy your blog, So many great projects and fun along the way. Your pillows are so pretty, makes me want to make some. How nice of you to give them away.

    1. Duck wears a diaper! I'm not kidding. If you google "duck diapers" they come right up. :)

  5. Congrats to the winners!!

    I hope you will stop by and enter my 3rd Blog Anniversary Giveaway.....


  6. Oh my goodness your duck wears a diaper? I love it! What a clever and charming duck.

    Thank you too for joining up with the Oh HAPPY Day link party today. You have made my day!


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