Betta Fish, Goldfish and Bamboo.. Oh My!

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By Laura in the Greenhouse
     Last September, Faith (my daughter),wanted a carnival birthday party.  I, of course, went all out and had games, bounce house and a prize booth including goldfish. After all the party guests took home a goldfish, I ended up with two goldfish left over.  Well, I thought for sure these 10 cent feeder fish would have died, but they didn't...  So after a couple of months cleaning out their bowl and another goldfish bowl that housed our pretty white Betta fish, I decided it was time to merge the bowls into one.  Now, I know, Bettas are known for being aggressive fish, but I figure when they are out in the wild they don't live alone.  So that's when I decided the goldfish were going to get a new roommate whether they liked it or not.

Here's the Betta fish:

     I added the Betta and at first he was mad.  His white tail flaring as he chased the poor little goldfish around the bowls.

 I was about to take him out, but I didn't, because I'm lazy..  I didn't want to have to keep cleaning two fish bowls out every other day.  Since I work nights, I have a hard enough time keeping up with the everyday house chores.  So I added another hiding place to the bottom of the bowl.  However, the goldfish are not smart enough to go into them or maybe they are too smart and afraid they'll be trapped.  Whatever the case it didn't work, but I was determined.  I had a vase with two beautiful bamboo stalks next to the goldfish bowl, which I promptly took out and plunked into the bowl.

 Then it stopped.  The Betta stopped chasing the goldfish, and it's been perfect harmony since.  All of the fish are happy, the bamboo seems to like it, and I'm happy that I don't even have to clean out the bowl that often.

 I think the bamboo likes the nitrogen from the fish waste and the fish appreciate the cleaner water and something to duck behind when the Betta is on the rampage.

  I am very pleased to with the way that it looks and that I don't have to clean the bowl all of the time. 

       Here is the table with the goldfish/bamboo...

 Thanks for viewing. See you next week at The Greenhouse!

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