Valentine Paintings

Valentine acrylic paintings for the front door.
My sister, Carol, is visiting from Pennsylvania and we are doing crafts. Our big project was
to be the painting. I initially wanted to paint and owl. I thought that would be cute to have a big owl painting on the front door. Then my sister’s granddaughter Melissa did a really cute bright and colorful painting with fireworks and hearts and we decided to use her drawing as a jumping off board for our own paintings.
Here is Melissa’s drawing. Isn’t it beautiful and colorful?
Melissa's Drawing2

These are fireworks in the picture. Even the round things that look like flowers are fireworks. Cool, huh?

Heart painting

I bought my granddaughter some acrylic paints for Christmas but she was less than thrilled about them so I was going to take them back but decided to keep them. These are very primary colors. Bright.
Here we are with a big mess ... starting the big heart in the middle.


painting for Valentine

We had lots of fun working with these bright acrylic  paints!


red pink hearts
Hope you enjoy these pictures. We had so much fun painting them and they were pretty quick. Did we reach the level of Melissa’s drawing? I don’t think so.
I think I still want to paint an owl. Maybe I’ll paint the owl on canvass fabric.This is mine.

Valentine painting

Heart painting

This is Carol’s.

red hearts

I think they’ll be seen from the road. Just maybe... ha ha
While my sister was visiting we fixed up Mom’s mantel in a Spring butterfly theme (will show that this week) and we worked on making some polymer clay medallions.
Thanks for viewing. See you all tomorrow.


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  1. Very bright! You gotta love sisterly crafting :)

  2. Linda, this turned out so cute...I will be watching to see it's display!

  3. Gotta love all those colors, Linda. Hope you're enjoying your sister's visit.

  4. Love the colours! Very pretty!

  5. Thank you for this idea! I want to find mini canvases and have each of my five daughters paint one for my husband's office door. I found you on Sew Much Ado.

  6. I love crafting with my sister from PA too! Great job!
    Would love if you came and linked up with us at the Humble Brag. We give away free ad space every week!


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