Sale Alert from the Greenhouse!

  Just want to give you guys a heads up...  Today, my mom and I bought a huge assortment of tulips and daffodil bulbs at Walmart.  They were originally priced at $4.97 Sale price...  a bag. Now down to  $0.02!!  Any gardeners out there, check out your local Walmart.

Me with some of the boxes of tulip bulbs we bought.


These are my Mom's bulbs. I have just as many!

They were 2 cents for each bag of bulbs!

Some types of tulips that we found...
Hope's Petals

We have to get these in the ground and luckily the temperature is going to be 50 on Monday. These kinds of bulbs require a period of cold before they can bloom. We've had a pretty mild winter so far and I think we'll be able to dig in the ground!! And they still should bloom in April.

We have hundreds of bulbs to plant.

Good Luck Shopping!!

Oh, I wanted to also share what I bought at HomeDepot. This cute little beauty.

Don't you just love plants?


  1. Wow! .2--goodness that IS a bargain!
    Enjoy your planting.

    M :)

    1. I couldn't believe it myself. I went from one price checker to the next! ha ha It was quite a spectacle getting out of the store and at the checkout. :)

  2. Whatta deal! Good luck digging, though...the ground here in NY is like a rock!!! I was just attempting to dig, in a planter, and it was SOLID! A purple pansy, in FULL BLOOM caught my eye and I was out photographing it...Now, isn't that amazing for early January?
    Hope you have luck with your tulips...have a great weekend!

    1. Here the soil is a little softer since it's been pretty warm - today it was 51 degrees. January Thaw, I guess. For $.02 it's worth it. My sister put them in the ground in March one time and they bloomed. So we'll see. Everyone will see...I'll blog about it, of course. :) Thanks for joining the conversation. Linda


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