Repurposing a Christmas Glass Block

I redid a Christmas glass block in this post, too.
I didn’t take a picture of the glass block when it was a Christmas Block. Darn. But all it had was a gold big bow. It was not pretty by any stretch of the imagination. But now it is pretty.
I had some of these very large artificial white hydrangea flowers and it seemed the perfect thing to top this glass block with.
See the glass block? It has a string of lights inside. I’m always looking for little lights to keep around the house so that I can walk around with a nightline and this fit the bill.

IMG_0126 (800x600)

glass block

First I put ribbon around the block to hide the seam on the side. I didn’t take a picture of that step. Darn. But you get the idea.

christmas light

I took the stem off the flower and then glued that on top of the green leaves.


The white little Christmas lights were already inside the block so I didn’t have to do anything with them.

night line

I almost feel guilty about this craft because there was so little to do to make it.

white flower1

I plugged it in. It’s a wonderful light.


It looks so cute on the serving table in the dining room. The dining room is lit all evening even though the big light is off. This gives off a pleasant glow.


 This is the way it looked BEFORE:

Have a great Monday!

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  1. Looks very peaceful. Very pretty.
    Stop by later for today's post.

    M :)

  2. so pretty and simple to create which can be a good thing!!

  3. Linda,
    This is beautiful. I love it.

  4. Fab=u=lous, that it can light up!

  5. I love it! Usually you see them standing up ... I like that you laid yours on its side!!!

  6. What a nice way to add a little soft light to a tabletop - so creative and pretty!


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