Living Wall Planter at the Greenhouse

        We're starting a new weekly event here on the blog. It's called What's happening at the Greenhouse. My daughter, Laura, bought a house with a greenhouse attached. She has now become a plant nut enthusiast. :)

 The greenhouse door is the back door to the house. You have to go through the greenhouse to get to the house and it's wonderful!! It's a combination mud room and greenhouse garden. Couldn't be better. Anyway, she has agreed to do a weekly post about what she's doing in the greenhouse. (and it's a LOT). Take care, Linda

Laura's post: At the Greenhouse:

How to make a Living Wall Planter out of Magazine Holders

I saw a living wall planter made out of canvas at a garden shop in Portland, Oregon this past summer.  Justin and I wanted it for the greenhouse, but didn't want to spend the money.  It looked easy enough to make.  It was one or two big pockets that hung on the wall.  After careful consideration of time and money, I chose not to make the planter, but to buy a smaller version instead.  

     I found a cheap magazine over the door holders at the Christmas Tree Shop.  Shoe holders from the Dollar Store would work too.  I liked the bigger size pockets of the magazine holder so I bought two.  I wasn't sure about any chemicals from the dye of the holder, so I used heavy duty zip lock bags as liners.  I took a gallon sized plastic bag, cut holes on the bottom for drainage and filled with dirt and herbs for each pocket that I wanted filled.  I used Parsley, Tarragon, Italian Oregano, Rosemary, Basil and Sage that I had bought for a few dollars each at the grocery store.  Two plants per holder and voila!  Fresh herbs all summer.  It was so easy!  


  1. Love this. Their so pretty.

  2. Gonna be lot's of fun,and I love your hanging planter!
    ~JO @LoblollyLane

  3. Love this idea,going to try this.


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