Edible Arrangements

                     (as part of The Twelve Days of Christmas)

1. Dunkin Donuts Munchkins

Donut holes words
My daughter, Laura, came up with this idea of taking several layers of mini cupcake papers, cutting them, and then using a wooden skewer to “spear” the tiny, round doughnut. These were glazed red velvet doughnuts so I bought red foil cupcake papers to go with them so they would be extra pretty.

cupcake papers

red cupcake papers

Dunkin donuts

IMG_5812 (640x480)
I think these chenille stems look cute as curly cues, don’t you? I wound them around my finger.

Red velvet

2. Chocolate Spoon Arrangement

 chocolate spoons
I bought these red plastic spoons in the Dollar Store and dipped them in melted white chocolate, then sprinkled them with decorative sprinkles. I added a wooden skewer to each one to give them added length also.
I bought these marshmallow candies on a stick at the Dollar Store, too, and they help to fill in the arrangement, don’t you think?
marshmallow santa
I added some decorative straws (Dollar Store) and candy canes and greens to fill in along with some squiggly chenille (pipe cleaners we used to call them).
edible arrangment
3. Rice Krispie’s Edible Arrangment
This was my least successful edible arrangement. It doesn’t look that great. However, it tasted REALLY good. We made Rice Krispy treats in a cookie pan and then cut out the shapes, like this star with a cookie cutter.
Star Crispy
The container for this arrangement was an old one that had been hanging around. My son and his wife sent me a strawberry arrangement in it a few years ago and I had saved it. It had definitely seen better days so I spray painted it white and added glitter. I sprayed everything white and glittered it this year. It was a white glittery Christmas this year.

4. Oreo Pop Edible Arrangement

These were super easy to make. Melt chocolates. Take oreos apart. Stick pop stick in melted chocolate and put it between the two cookies. Put in freezer for 10 minutes to firm up. Dip the whole thing in melted chocolate and sprinkle with crushed candy canes. Make a lot of them.
oreo pops
edible arrangment


Hope everyone liked, “Four Edible Arrangements. These all can be adapted for Valentine’s Day, too.
Best wishes for a Happy Snowy Season (if you are in the northern hemisphere).


  1. Well, aren't those really cute ideas!
    Like the idea foe Valetinne's day.

    M :)

    1. Thanks, Melinda. Valentine's Day is next. Gotta put the Christmas stuff away now.


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