Goblet Gifting

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Or How to Use Glass Goblets from the Dollar Store for Gifts.

(Eleven Gifts-a-Giving, continued from previous post.  HERE)
 *Goblet Gifting*

While browsing in the Family Dollar Store I saw these awesome, wonderful goblet glasses. I thought, ‘what can I do with these?’. I know lots of the blogs make amazing crafts from things purchased from the Dollar Store so I wondered if I could make something from these totally cool goblets.
goblet 2 (480x640)
goblet (640x480)
Okay, I came up with AT LEAST 3 ideas! Here they are:
1. The Reindeer Goblet 
I had a bunch of stuff on the dining room table (my all around work table) like white glittery branches and some bows and these REINDEER that I bought at where? THE DOLLAR STORE!! Yay! You get TWO reindeer for $1. You can’t beat that.
So I started putting branches in the goblet and then I had a bright idea to add some light so I put a 20 light set into the bottom of the goblet. Ooooo I was getting somewhere, indeed. When I spotted the reindeer and put him on the top of the arrangement, I knew I was on the right track. (Is this post too wordy already?)
Here is the result.
goblet reindeer 2
I added two bows also.
goblet reindeer 3
Isn’t that gold reindeer cute???
goblet reindeer 5
goblet reindeer
I also added some  little white plastic bead thingees in the bottom of the glass. I think this would be great covered with cellophane and tied with a ribbon.

2. Chocolate Spoon Goblet

Everybody has done the chocolate spoon craft, right? You take plastic spoons and dip them in melted chocolate and then put sprinkles on them. Then  cover them with a cello bag. To make the spoons easy to put into the Styrofoam and to give additional height I taped a wooden skewer onto the back of each spoon.
goblet pop5
I made some of these by twisting chenille stems around my finger and gluing them to a straw or wooden skewer.
goblet pop4
and a GOBLET..
goblet 2 (480x640)
Some Styrofoam.. I only needed half of this piece of Styrofoam. You know how expensive Styrofoam is now? This round piece was $3.50! (didn’t that used to be industrial waste?)
goblet pops
I goblet pop 3
And the piece de la resistance…a tiny bag of Lindor Chocolates that cost $1.
goblet pop 7
I taped this bag to a skewer so it would fit into the arrangement nicely.
goblet pop 6
See? It sits right up on top!
goblet pop 8
I added a bow onto a candy cane.
And here it is – all ready to give either as a hostess gift or any small, fun gift you want to give someone. After the candy is gone, they still have a pretty nice goblet.
goblet pop 9

3. Chocolate Candy (or any candy) Goblet
This is the simplest of all the Goblet Gifting.

1. Buy candy
2. Put into goblet
3. Tie bow onto stem of goblet.
4. Wrap with wrapping paper or cellophane.
Goblet candy 3
More Lindor chocolates (my family loves them and they were on sale also).
Goblet candy2
I put the pictures into Picassa and had a little bit of fun over there with these photos. It does make a difference to lighten them up and enrich the color of the photos somewhat. I put a “vignette” around some of them also. It gives the pictures a dreamy kind of look, doesn’t it?
Goblet with candy

Well, I hope you all got some great ideas for gifting from this post. Tomorrow the “Eleven Gifts-a-Giving” will continue with EASY FLEECE GIFTS TO MAKE.

Go over here to check  out some Easy 2 Hour Gifts to Make for Women...

Happy Christmas Season with love,


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  1. there awesome, love the one with the deer, very tempting!!!

  2. Such cute gift ideas.
    Very creative.

    M :)

  3. Linda, what BEAUTIFUL GOBLETS!! I love them all. They are gorgeous!!

    Joye & Myrna

  4. These are such great ideas. I love them. Such cute gifts, too.

  5. Fabulous ideas! I love your photos, too...very sparkly and festive!

  6. Thanks for sharing your project in last week's Crafty Showcase. We love how you inspire others on the internet! Stop back over and share more of your talent in the new Bowdabra Crafty Showcase starting Friday night midnight! http://www.bowdabrablog.com
    Susie @Bowdabr

  7. These are all such sweet little gift ideas!! Thanks for sharing with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party :)



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