Gifting with Plants

as part of the Twelve Days of Christmas here on my blog.
Eleven Gifts-a-Giving
When we were thinking of the Twelve Days of Christmas and how it would relate to our blog, we knew we wanted to do lots of simple and easy to make gifts so here are ELEVEN gifts to give.
I’m splitting this into 3 different posts so that it won’t be too long (and slow to load all those pictures, too).
The first post is giving living plants. While poinsettias are really pretty we wanted to think of things that would be out of the ordinary.
NUMBER ONE: A Succulent Plant
A Succulent plant is perfect as a gift because they are easy to grow and forgiving if you neglect them.
My daughter used a fishbowl (she did this craft – she’s the one with the greenhouse). She put sand in the bottom with Succulent Cacti soil and put the pot with the plant right onto the dirt. It didn’t look right so then I wrapped burlap around it and tied a bow with raffia. It makes a nice presentation, don’t you think? It was easy and quick to put together and reasonably priced.
Here’s the succulent plant.

Succulent 2

IMG_5421 (480x640)
Succulent Plant

Number TWO: A Holly Bush
This cost $10 and then we wrapped the pot in (what else?) BURLAP! Not just any burlap either. This burlap has little gold flecks in it. It’s so cute! I bought it from Joann’s. I had a 50% off coupon. If anyone needs a coupon you can go HERE. They are also accepting coupons on a smart phone. I think there is an app for that. Worth the time… must look into that.
Anyway, I just wrapped the burlap around the pot and pinned it in the back. I did fold it in such a way that there is a little cuff. Oh, and we had some signs from Walmart so we glued a PEACE sign on the front.
This couldn’t be simpler. The holly is a popular Christmas green (I looked up the meaning of the holly and what it signifies but it became a little too complicated so I’m just calling it a popular Christmas plant.)



Holly Plant 2 

NUMBER THREE: Another succulent –
a BABY Succulent!
Now for the gardener or anyone who has everything, I guarantee they do not have this next item… a teeny, tiny succulent plant in a teeny, tiny bottle.
How cute is this???

tiny bottle

My daughter grows baby succulents in her greenhouse so I just put about a teaspoon full of succulent dirt in the bottle and then popped the baby succulent right in there. And look he’s so happy, too. I’m keeping this little guy myself. I had some gold string and a few gold beads …

Tiny Succulent in a Bottle3

I bought the bottles from Amazon. They were $11.96 for 24 bottles! I thought that was reasonable. Here is a link to the tiny bottles (no, I don’t get any money from any sale on Amazon. I tried being a seller for Amazon but the new governor of Connecticut was looking for funds. He demanded that Amazon report all the earnings of people who sell for Amazon that live in Connecticut to the State Income Tax Department. Amazon said they weren’t doing that because it was too much paperwork and now people who live in Connecticut are exempt from selling for Amazon.) Lovely.
Back to the bottles… I was so thrilled to get them. They are so darn cute! Can’t you just think of a million ways to use these sweet little bottles?

Tiny Succulent in a Bottle

Okay, here were THREE gifts for the ELEVEN Gifts-a-Giving. Eight more to go – tomorrow….Goblet Gifting from the Dollar Store...

Happy Christmas Season.


  1. Oh my goodness, that baby succulent is so cute. My family will love them :)

  2. Love the plant in the tiny bottle!!!


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