Luminaries in our town are white paper bags that have a votive candle in them and some sand/ birdseed to stabilize the bag so it won’t blow away. We were so happy to learn when we moved here that there is a tradition in our village to light these luminaries on Christmas Eve. This year we put out about 4 dozen luminaries – they lined the front of the house and we also put them in front of the girl’s house next door. They are put up the driveway and walkway also because they are to  …     light the way for the Christ Child.
We normally put out more than that but we didn’t get to the sale (our community sells them for $3. a dozen, bags and candles) in time to get our usual 10 dozen.
It was still magical.


See the tree in the middle of the picture? That’s the birdhouse tree with lots of birdhouses.
That year I put lights inside the birdhouses. I wanted it to look like the birds were at home enjoying Christmas also.

Christmas 2005 HOUSE 012 (640x480)

Those are plywood shrubs… yep. I painted them.  My nephew cut them out of plywood.
There is the plywood nativity also. The plans for that can be found HERE but we bought ours at the Victorian Showcase in Pennsylvania.
See the little Cat’s Meow houses in the windows? I’ve shown them before on the blog but never how they looked from the outside. You can hardly see them in this picture, though.
I’ll close with some pictures of our imprint duck who thinks he’s human… Yea, but he still didn’t want that ribbon around his neck!

The Human Duck

Oh, don’t worry, he won’t have an “accident” on the bench. Why? Because he has on his diaper!! Need a duck diaper? Believe it or not you can buy them!


Sonny 2

Hope you enjoyed seeing pictures of our little duck and our house on Christmas Eve.
Love and best wishes to my followers and to all who visit at this special time of the year,

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  1. your luminaries! Hope your Christmas Day was glorious and that you will enjoy a bit of relaxation, now :)

  2. This is a cute post, and luck that their are duck pants! Hoping your and your family had a very merry Christmas!

  3. Great pics! The duck made me laugh!

    M :)

  4. Great photos Linda!! That duck is adorable.

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