Go Green Apron

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Go Green Apron

A Go Green Apron is not a regular apron. It’s basically a towel you wear around your waist so that you don’t have to keep using paper towels to dry your hands. Hence, it’s “green”.

Christmas tea apron

My little neighbor, Lindsay, modeled the apron for me.

Christmas towel made into an apron

This is really easy to make. I took a kitchen towel. In this case I bought a Christmasy type towel and cut it in half.
I bought a red ribbon (it’s more like a cotton bias tape) and sewed it along the top, leaving some in the back for tiers. That’s it. The bottom edge of the apron is the finished edge of the towel so no sewing needs to be done there. Each towel makes 2 go green aprons.
If you want you can put on a pocket but this apron is to be used as a towel that you wear.
To make a really nice presentation I bought a bowl (plastic serving bowl from the Dollar Store) and two dish cloths to go with it.

go green apron 4

I bought a clear plastic Christmas ball from Joann’s and put some pine needles and red berries in it. I glued on a Merry Christmas ribbon, too, and a little bow with string.


Then a quick wrap up in cellophane and wala!! A very presentable present, indeed.


Wee Little Bottle Necklace

The last of the Eleven Gifts-a-Giving is the sweetest little necklace, perfect for gifting. I bought this little bottle from Amazon and it comes in a collection of 9 bottles HERE. (not getting any compensation - just want to make the information available).

tiny bottle

In order to make a necklace, you need these little screw thingees.

Small Vial with Pine Needles3

and screw one into the top of the cork like so…

Small vial with pine needles2

I love fast and cute crafts and this is the fastest and the cutest!

Small vial with pine needles

I think anything small can be put in these little bottles…. sand and small shells, beads, well, you get the idea. It was so quick and fun to make, too.

Little bottle necklace 2

I hope you enjoyed these two last crafts of the Eleven Gifts-a-Giving.
Tomorrow we’ll be moving on to the 10th day of Christmas …

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Happy Christmas Season with love, my friends,


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