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I love working with fleece so I put together these three things out of fleece that are really easy to make and can be given as gifts. I start with the easiest thing to make which ANYONE can make – a scarf.

1. Pretty Chevron Fleece Scarf

This is the easiest thing to make EVER!!! Go into a fabric store ( I go to Joann’s Fabrics) and ask for 1/3 of a yard of fabric. That’s 12 inches. If you think that is too wide or too narrow, you can buy by inches, too. If you want a scarf that is 14 inches wide, you can order 14 inches. That’s really convenient, I think.
Fleece scarf 2

Fleece scarf

 Buy the fleece, take it home and cut the selvedge off both ends. If you want to cut fringe on each end, that’s okay, too. It won’t take long.


I was browsing around Pinterest and I found this Fleece Wrap which I immediately liked and knew I could make. Crafty and Cooking Momma does a complete tutorial with pictures. It’s easy to follow and there is NO SEWING!!  I did do a LITTLE bit of sewing. I sewed a button on to keep the wrap closed.
I asked my granddaughter to model for me and so she had to twirl around the front yard…

Fleece cape 6

You will notice that the wrap I made is rounded and the one Crafty and Cooking Momma made is pointed. Once I finished the wrap I noticed that it looked like a poncho and I wanted a more rounded look so I just rounded off the points. Now it looks more like a cape but I’m happy with it and my granddaughter loves it.

Fleece cape 2

Fleece cape 5

Fleece cape 4

I sewed a button on. This is totally doable for anyone. That is the ONLY sewing I did and it looks great, doesn't it? Super nice. Thanks to Crafty and Cooking Momma for the instructions on how to make it!!

3. Nice, Warm Fleece Socklets

I love these and I’ve made a LOT of them, too. They are so incredibly easy to make for anyone who can sew a straight line. It takes about 10 minutes to sew them up, not even.

Fleece sockklets

One day I was at a tag sale and I found a pair of fleece sockets in with a bunch of clothes and I thought, ‘hmm.. I can make this’. I brought them home and took them apart and made a pattern from them. Then I went shopping for fleece. :) That’s another story… I own lots of fleece now.

Fleece socklets 3
fleece sockets 2

I found a pattern online, HERE. It looks like the exact pattern I made from the socklets I bought at the tag sale. Amazing.

IMG_5016 (480x640) (2)

One word of caution about making these feet fleecies. They are ADDICTING to make. I just kept making them. And people LOVE getting them as a gift, too.

I even made a few pairs for my year old grandson. I shrunk the pattern WAY down first though. :)
I hope everyone enjoyed this post on easy fleece gifts to make. I loved making each and every one of them!

Tomorrow is a continuation of Eleven Gifts-a-Giving ...

Best wishes, all, for a happy, blessed Christmas Season.

Wonderful parties......

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  1. Thanks for sharing with Wednesday's Adorned From Above's Blog Hop. I love all of these ideas with fleece. I may try the fleece socks for my family for Christmas. They will love these. What a great idea.
    Have a wonderful week.

  2. They do look nice and warm!


  3. Fleece is one of my fav fabrics..so soft and cozy!
    Love your wrap :))

  4. What a great post! I love ideas that are so simple, easy and great that I think, "now why didn't I think of that?!" Thanks for sharing at Hookin On Hump Day!


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