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Christmas Eve Blessings

Christmas Blessings from Connecticut….

silhouette nativity

For God
          so loved
               the world
   that He sent His only Son …

        nativity Mary and Jesus

    Mary silhouette
This nativity scene is inspired by Marianne at  Song Bird Blog where she did a whole scene with nativity silhouettes. It’s very lovely but I had a really difficult time printing on tracing paper and only ended up with a partial scene which I taped to a glass vase. It’s simple, but I love it and have been keeping it lit on the sidebar in the dining room. Marianne tells where to get the silhouettes, too.

Best Christmas blessings to All, with love,


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  1. I think its lovely !!!
    wish you and yours the best Christmas and New Year !!!

  2. Hi Linda,
    This is beautiful. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.