Blessings for the New Year - 2013

To all my beautiful friends and followers I wish you all the very best of everything in 2013!!

Little Red Wagon
Blessings for a 
                    safe, and
                                 joyful New Year in 2013!
IMG_6233 (640x480)
Two little succulent plants… aren’t they cute in this little plastic globe? My son drilled a hole in the side which didn’t come out that cleanly but the plants are happy in their little spot…and I like watching them grow.
Love to all… I’m grateful for YOU!!


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  2. Happy New Year, abundant blessings.

  3. cute planter ideas!
    wish you and yours the best of 2013!!!

  4. Happy New Year! I have enjoyed all your posts this past year, especially about your beautiful mother!

  5. Happy New Year Linda!!

  6. Happy New Year Linda, and I love your little planters. The succulents are so cute in their globe.


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