9 Trees–a - Trimming

The Twelve Days of Christmas
Nine Christmas Trees (these are NOT holiday trees…they are CHRISTMAS TREES).
Tree Number One 

was put up before Thanksgiving. I was visiting a gift shop in the area and saw a Christmas tree filled with all kinds of things. I decided I wanted to have a tree like that. I bought some Fall items from the Christmas Tree Shop at a reduction of 75% off. Then I just went around the house taking pictures of family that were already in frames, books, hats, etc. whatever I thought would fit on the tree. It took about 20  minutes to decorate. I had some hydrangeas that I had spray painted HERE that adorned the tree also.
Tree #1 (480x640)
Some close-ups….
Tree #1 - 3 (480x640)Tree #1 - 4 (480x640)

Tree Number Two – Frosted Skinny Tree

is a white frosted slim tree covered with glassy, sparkling ornaments. This one is extra easy to put up because when we put it away I wrap it all up in plastic and stand it in the garage. So when I take it out it’s all set to go – I just plug it in and put on some crystal ornaments. This one goes in the dining room because there isn’t much room for a bigger tree.
Tree#2- 5 (480x640)
Tree #2 - 3 (480x640)
Tree @2 - 7 (480x640)
I played around with these pictures in Picassa to give them a gauzy, old fashioned look.
Tree #2 - 2 (480x640)
Tree #2 - 1 (640x480)
Hope you liked Tree Number Two.
Tree Number Three  - A Twiggy Christmas Tree

is a twiggy type of tree that I bought at a store called Christmas Tree Hill in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I loved it when I saw it and I’ve had it decorated in different ways every year.
This year I decided to use paper pinwheels to decorate this tree which is in the office. Here is a link to Sophie’s World – she gives a complete tutorial on how to make them.
I LOVE MAKING PINWHEELS. They are quick and fun and make a really sweet, colorful ornament. Have fun!
Tree #3 2
Tree #3 - 5
Tree #3 -1
Tree #3 - 7
Tree #3 - 4
Hope you liked Christmas Tree Number 3 and picked up some ideas…

Tree Number 4 – A Rose Christmas Tree

This is Elaine, my neighbor’s tree:
Christmas tree 9
christmas tree8
christmas tree7
Isn’t her tree pretty? Her MANTEL is gorgeous! You’ll see that in a few days..

TREE NUMBER 5 - The Beach Christmas Tree
Here is Laura’s (daughter) Christmas tree in her beach decorated living room. There aren’t that many decorations on her tree because she likes simplicity. There’s her mantel in the background, too.
Beach Tree9

Beach tree

Beach treea

Beach Tree 1

Tree Number 6 – My Mom’s Doll and Angel Tree

My Mom’s dolls on her tree. Angels, too.
mom's tree 6

Mom's tree 7
mom's tree 3
Mom's tree 2


                      more Christmas Trees tomorrow….

Best Christmastime, Friends…


  1. It's always fun to see how others decorated their tree(s). I enjoy seeing the different themes that are thought of.

    M :)

  2. Taking a little break to visit, bloggy neighbor. ;) Love each and every single tree. Would you believe that I am surrounded by boxes and all kinds of madness and I am at this very moment taking time to make those dried orange ornaments I found a few weeks ago while visiting your page? Yeah, I know...can't take the creativity out of me. :)
    Off to find that link on your page.
    Glad I stopped by.

  3. Beautiful! Happy pinwheels and beach inspired, roses and dolls and everything makes gorgeous Christmas Trees, tfs♥


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