9 Trees-a-Trimming

                                        Part of the Twelve Days of Christmas continued from 9 Trees a Trimming HERE where I featured
6 of our family’s Christmas trees, each one being unique.
Today I have 3 more Christmas trees, small ones and how they can be part of making a home festive for Christmas.

The Frosty Christmas Tree
I bought this for my sister’s Christmas present a few years ago. She leaves it up on one of her cupboards all year. Isn’t this cute?

Frosty tree

Frosty tree2

Frosty Chritmas trree
Glad you like it, Carol!! Love you!
Next up is a Live Plant Christmas Tree that I bought for my daughter, the gardener, in the Amish country when I visited my sister in Pennsylvania about a month ago. I sprinkled some snow on it and wrapped it in white fleece. (I’m having lots of fun with fleece lately.)


Christmas tree plant

Living Christmas Tree

It’s nice having some live plants around somewhere… I’m working with the fake snow and it’s FUN!

Third up is a little Music Box Christmas Tree that we used to make when we were doing craft fairs.
I really wanted to do a tutorial on how this was done but it didn’t happen. It’s not that difficult. You buy a music box and cover it with fabric by using hot glue. Then I glued on ruffled lace all around the music box and glued a tree on top. The fun part is adding the rosebuds and baby’s breath which dress up this little tree a lot.
We bought little stands in place of keys to wind up the music boxes and when you wind it up, the whole thing turns around while playing White Christmas.
We used to have a whole table full of them at the craft fairs. I put the kids in charge of keeping them wound up. They loved that. NOT. :)

Music Box Stand


Christmas Music Box

Music Box Christmas Tree

Rosebud tree

Happy Christmas Season, Everyone.


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