26 Angels of Newtown

Hi, everyone, all my wonderful followers and readers.
As you know we have had a very sad time here in Connecticut.  The sadness is palpable around here no matter who you talk to.
My nephew (who lives in Newtown and whose kids go to  different schools) made some wooden angels for one of the impromptu memorials that are set up all around town. You can see what he made HERE. That made me think about what I might be able to do also. I decided to paint some angels. I would do one painting for each person who was killed…one angel per victim.
Here I am working on the paintings. I used acrylics so that they would dry quickly. I also made some applique angels for some of the “paintings”.  I couldn’t have done it without my nephew, Michael. He did a lot of the painting (he is a wonderful artist in his own right) and then the carpentry of putting the canvasses on poles to pound into the ground.

The angels of Sandy Hook

Here is the mess on the table as we are working. I decided to make some angels with felt and fleece fabric.

Oil painting angel

Here they are drying in the dining room…


I wanted each painting to be a little different. So we experimented with backgrounds.

Oil paintings of angels

Then today we went to Newtown (where my nephew lives) and put all the 26 angel paintings up. I hope it lets the people of Newtown know that we, all of us, care.
My white haired husband is painting the stakes green.

Painting acrylics

Some more views of the angel paintings.

Angel memorial

Before we left in the van with all the paintings, Mike spotted a star I had in the front of my house. He asked if he could use it as part of the angel memorial and I thought that was brilliant! The star was already white but I glittered it so that it would reflect the light from the headlights of the cars.
Here’s Mike attaching the star to the pole. He made it taller than all the paintings to “preside” over the angels, symbolic of our Lord, watching over all his angels of Newtown.

Angels 3

I tried to make each painting a little different because  each person is unique.

Sandy Hook Angel memorial

Sandy Hook Angels

Here is what it looks like from further away. It looks small in this picture but it’s pretty big and spread out which is hard to see at this angle.

blue sky

We care…

Much love at Christmas.    Hug someone close…


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  1. What a lovely gesture. I know it will be so appreciated.

    M :)

  2. what a lovely thing to do for the children, my heart goes out to them and their families!!!

  3. What a beautiful thing to do....God Bless them All!

  4. These are so beautiful Linda. It's making me tear up.

  5. Beautiful angels and very touching post! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I saw them in person today, was visiting family in Southbury for Christmas and we went the wrong way on 84 on the way back to Fairfield. I had expected to see a lot of things driving through when I realized what town we were in... but what I saw was a town that was strong. Everywhere I looked I saw support banners, luminaries, some pink some white, some adorned lawns in the shape of hearts... then we happened across your angels, they are beautiful, they truely are the angels of Newtown. My family and I said prayers for these families as we drove by, and we counted our blessings. Merry Christmas to the little angels and their guardians in heaven. And thank you for your beautiful tribute.

  7. This is a lovely tribute, thank you for joining in the Grant Life project.


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