This was Connecticut last week. A lake near us..

Autumn Lake

Autumn colors (480x640)

Country road (640x480)

Country road3 (480x640)

Leaf peeping (480x640)

Leaves (480x640)

Connecticut AFTER the hurricane:

My Mom had three downed trees from the hurricane. She kinda freaked out a little but she’s getting over it. Her electrical wires  came down also but she still had electricity until today when the UI came and disconnected her.

Number 1 – large maple tree, uprooted.

tangled mess of trees (640x480)

Number 2 – a large silver maple, uprooted. Michele, niece, horticulturist, said silver maples are weak trees because they are fast growers.

root ball (640x480)

downed trees

Number 3 – This was her big blue spruce on the corner of her property, uprooted.

Downed Tree 1aaa

Man, it’s rotten without electricity. We’ve been without electricity for almost a week. I am writing this at my daughter’s. Her electricity came back on yesterday.

Here are the trees around our house now. They are whipped clean of leaves.

Barren tree

I feel sorry for the poor little animal/bird that was in this nest. It was whipped all over the place. It held firm, though.

Tree with no leaves

I did a pencil sketch on Picasa.

Leaves are gone

Winter scape

Leaves are gone except for some oak leaves and a few other miscellaneous leaves.

You know what trees came down this year? Mostly fir trees. They are toppled over all over the place. And mostly they were uprooted like my Mom’s. It’s like a war zone.

To leave on a more positive note. No one got hurt. My Mom’s house, even though 3 trees went down, did not get damaged. We had no trees come down either. So WE ARE THANKFUL!

Here is a picture of one of my sister’s wreaths on her back door. I wanted to put on a nice picture.

IMG_4304 (480x640) (2)

I hope my electricity comes on soon. Sniff.



  1. I'm so very thankful that you're all safe. Living in South Florida over 40 years, I've survived several including Andrew and Katrina. No one's hurt...it's all good. Everything else can be replaced and fixed. If this helps at all, imagine it in the scorching heat of So. Florida summers together with paralyzing humidity which breeds mosquitoes, speeds decomposition of garbage, and fuels tempers.
    Stay in touch when you can, Linda.

    1. Now that I've had cable back I see the devastation and feel foolish for complaining about a little loss of electricity! My hubster was a BEAR! Thank goodness we have heat now because it's getting REALLY cold here in Connecticut. Thanks, Marcia. Linda

  2. Glad your all safe! I'm in NH so we didn't have it quite as bad as CT, but still it was a bit scary and we lost power for 3 days.

    Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party :)

    1. It's getting cold here, Paula, so I know it must be even colder in NH. We have been up Mount Washington several times. I love the mountains! Best wishes, Linda


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