Look what I Did with Black Paper Crows!

This week I went to Joann’s Fabric and Crafts store and bought some of Martha Stewart’s paper crows. They come in a package of 12, I think, and they are really, really fun!
This is what I did with these paper crows…
Crow with Pig
I painted this crow picture and cow picture in oils.
IMG_4090 (600x800)

IMG_4092 (600x800)
I made a pumpkin roses wreath which I hope to share next week.
Roses Pumpkin Wreath
This is an illustration my daughter and nephew worked on several years ago. Now that I see it in this photo I see that the mat slipped. Sheesh..always something to fix!
IMG_4096 (800x600)
IMG_4102 (600x800)
Remember the Chandelier I dressed up with Fall leaves (and a hot glue gun)?
Doesn’t this look more finished? More interesting?
IMG_4105 (800x600)
IMG_4120 (600x800)
Bye, everybody. I hope you all liked what I did with the paper crows!
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