A Rosy Pumpkin

Fall Decorating - A pumpkin full of roses

 I’ve seen lots of pumpkin “wreaths” around the blogs but I haven’t seen one that is filled with fabric roses so I decided to 

make one and here it is.
Tutorial on how I made the fabric roses:
The first thing I did was get some nice orange pumpkiny looking fabric.
Cut a 2 inch by 12 inch strip out of the fabric. I cut lots of of them for this project. Fold this strip in half lengthwise and make a long stitch along the raw edge side.
orange fabric
Take one of the threads and gently pull it until the little strip of fabric is gathered as so.
Then I take one end and start curling it around, and hot glue it.
IMG_3913 (800x600)
Keep curling it around and gluing.
IMG_3917 (800x600)
When you get to the end of the fabric strip, turn the end down so that the raw edge is down at the bottom of the rose. Hot glue it.
IMG_3919 (800x600)
Now the whole rose should be in one piece. Nice.

Here is how I made the Pumpkin Door Decoration…
I cut a pumpkin shape out of a cardboard box and covered it with polyester batting and the same fabric as the fabric roses.
Then I glued all of the roses onto the “pumpkin”. I wrapped the “stem” with green polka dot fabric.

Rosy Pumpkin

Autumn Wreath

Pumpkin Roses 3

  I like it like this because it’s kind of artsy, but I understand if people need all the roses to be the same. As my daughter’s teenage friend used to say, “Whatever floats your boat.”
Happy Fall!!
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  1. Okay, this is the prettiest pumpkin I've seen this year. You are off to the pumpkin hall of fame. :) I LOVE IT!!

    1. Pumpkin hall of fame.... hahhahhaa thanks, Marcia.

  2. Your pumpkin rose wreath is beautiful! So unique! And I love your tutorial on how to make the roses. I can never get the gathering right. You make it seem so easy!

    1. The pictures came out clear on how to make the rose, didn't they? That's good because the rose is so easy to make with this technique. Hope you try it sometime!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, I love the name of your blog. When I was a child I used to sing that song about the buffalo roaming... :) Thanks for commenting...

  4. Beautiful and easy to make thanks for sharing how you made the roses !!!

    1. I really like easy crafts. I hope the pictures were clear enough to see how they are made. Best wishes, Linda

  5. Really beautiful ! I am a new follower. I hope I can persuade you to come share at my Blog Fest http://fresh-eggs-daily.blogspot.com/2012/10/farm-girl-blog-fest-4.html

    1. I've already been over to your super cute blog! Thanks for inviting me. Linda

  6. How lovely to bring to Lovelies together, roses and pumpkins - very nice project.

  7. Darling pumpkin! I love it just the way it is,I agree with you.The darker rose adds extra pop.I'm so glad you dropped by.Denise

  8. Oh my gosh, this is the cutest pumpkin ever!!! I love it. So clever, and I love the the single darker one. It's perfect. Thank you so much for sharing again this week at A Bouquet of Talent. So thrilled to have you share. HUGS

    1. It's my pleasure to link up to your Bouquet of Talent, Kathy. I'm glad you like my pumpkin! C you soon.

  9. I want it Linda!!!! Such a gorgeous pumpkin!!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality!

    1. My pleasure,Christine. I love the Dreamer Party. :)

  10. Just love this! We love having you at Whimsy Wednesday!
    Smart! School {House}

  11. I never knew that's how to make fabric roses. I've made felt roses before, but not quite the same :)

    Happy WW!~

  12. That is super cute....
    Looks like a LOT of work, but well worth it as I can see....

    1. Yea, it was but once I got making roses I wanted to keep making roses so now I'm thinking of Christmas and how I can fill another shape with roses.... thanks for commenting, Linda

  13. This is so fluffy and pretty! Much different than the same-old, same-old you see everywhere else!

  14. So cute! Thanks for the great tut! :)

    xoxo laurie

  15. I found you through the Friday blog hop! Cute blog, I can’t wait to read more!

  16. Oh god, this is amazing !! I was planning to buy some plastic flowers for something like this.. but this is amazing !! thanks , definetely going to try :)


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