Morning Glories in My Yard

Morning glories come in a variety of colors and in the Springtime I planted different kinds of Morning Glory seeds in little containers and planted them all around the yard, front and back. Here are some deep purple morning glories.
Lattice Screen
Purple Morning Glories

Orchid Morning Glories
I love this blue striped Morning Glory. What is amazing is that each day new Morning Glories flower for only ONE DAY!! And there always seems to be more blooms coming, too.
IMG_3189 (800x600)
BIMG_3151 (600x800)
Below is the post light covered with Morning Glories. There will be many more blooms, I hope.
Remember the Fairy House that Michele painted for me?
IMG_2405 (800x600)aaa
My son made this arbor for me. See the Morning Glory vines climbing up the rope. It’s just a few little vines now but it should get bigger.
IMG_3167 (600x800)

IMG_3172 (600x800)
The front of the house has a morning glory vine also. I thought I had a red morning glory in the front but I guess not.
IMG_3216 (600x800)aa
Then I had a little fun in Picassa (free downloadable program).
This is pixelate plus boost.
Picassa Pixelate
This is boost. It means boost color.  It’s like an abstract.
Picassa Boost
I think this is black and white…with a bit of purple.
Gray Morning Glory
Hope everyone enjoyed this.
Who Likes Morning Glories???


These are great parties to visit. I do.

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  1. I've always love Morning Glories and your pictures are so pretty with the sunlight upon them.

  2. My morning glories started blooming this week and it has been so much fun to see them pop open each morning. I have a pot full of them on my porch and growing up a trellis in the front yard. I like the colorful pictures!

  3. Hi Linda! I love them. A volunteer is growing at my back door. I think in hitched a ride in the azalea that I planted a couple years back.

  4. Gorgeous work ♥ Visiting from FAF :)

  5. I love your Morning Glories. I like the colorful ones, but the b & w is awesome too.

  6. I love them, Linda!
    Gorgeous colors...
    Greetings :))

  7. Who likes Morning Glories? Me,Me

    Morning glories are growing on a trellis in my backyard. Most of the summer, I watch the vines grow, and by August the blooms start to show. Each morning , I peek out from my kitchen glass patio door to marvel at the pretty shades of purple-blue. The photo w/ Boost color looks like something you could reproduce with paint. I like your blooms growing along the window shutter and that White Arbor with bench looks inviting.


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