Foxglove Cupboard

Some years ago someone told my sister about an Amish farm where they made and sold handmade furniture, all of the furniture being made from old barn wood. That sounded really good to us so we drove out to the Amish country in Pennsylvania. We only had sketchy directions like 5 farms on the right after you make a turn from Route 322. We drove in and we said, “We heard that you make furniture”. The guy said, “Yes, I make furniture. I can make anything you want. Just draw me a picture.” So that started this furniture craze my sister went through.

My sister saw this high cupboard in a magazine and she drew it out and gave it to the fella for him to make. While we were there, however, she saw a chimney cupboard which he had made and she bought that immediately. While he had no electricity at his farm his saws were run by water power from a nearby stream. A few weeks later we went back to pick up the high cupboard and were thrilled with it. Of course, she had another design ready for him for ANOTHER CUPBOARD. Carol was cupboard crazy for a while.

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This is what Carol has to say about it: “It turned out that the wood came from an old PIG BARN and the smell was unbelievable. We couldn’t stand it. It had to be sealed again and again. We kept trying to bring it in from the garage but then we’d have to haul it back out again. It took months before we had it sealed enough to bring in the house. Then I crackled it.”

We had this really expensive foxglove stencil and I stenciled it with acrylic paints. That was the fun part.

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