Repurposed Globe Lights

 MORE JUNK GARDEN STUFF but this time in the form of lighting.

On the blogs I've seen old indoor globe lights repurposed for use outdoors. So, of course, I had to find a globe light at a tag sale which was relatively easy, fast, and cheap. I took off the electrical part of the light and then it hung around most of the summer in this condition:

 Then I added a string of white Christmas lights (white cord). Tag sale item also.

I also found THIS at a tag sale. I don't know what it is exactly but I really liked it and it was $3. When I got it home I put it in the garden. It was a dull black color.

 I've got this great polish - Black Iron Stove Polish - I used to get it at Home Depot but they don't carry it anymore so I have to order it online. I use it on my stove fireplace insert and it makes that stove absolutely GLOW. So I tried it on this piece and WOW. What a difference! It glows and has turned color, too. It's a pewter color now. Love it.

 Then I thought HEY, what if I put these two items together - the globe and this lantern thingee??? So I did and got THIS!

 I took some pictures at twilight and came up with these.

Love the golden glow.

 It lights up the walkway in the front of the house. Now I'm thinking I need more of these. Maybe different sizes, shapes, etc. It makes tag saling more fun if you have something to hunt for.

Michele painted me a gourd for Christmas.  Here is the link to that past post. Well, it fell and the back and bottom got broken so I decided to put it in the garden as a fairy house. You'd hardly notice it's broken, right?

Fairy House

 Hope everyone enjoyed this post.


P.S. My sister, Carol, approved of this post. Yay!

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  1. Great ideas! Both are cute.

    M :)

    1. Thanks, Melinda. I've got to quickly get all the outdoor stuff on the blog before winter sets in. :)

  2. What a great idea! Thank for linking up last week! I hope to see you again tomorrow!

  3. Oh my goodness, everything turned out so pretty even the fairy house, which I love. I can not see where is was even broken. Thank you for sharing at my Our Favorite Things Link Party.

  4. What you did to transform this globe lighting is spectacular. I am honestly inspired, thank you.


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