Purple Pond Flowers and Picassa

  Hi, everybody,

Look - I did something right. Aren't these purple pond plants incredible?

 Well, actually I didn't do anything. They just come up in the little fish pond every year like this.

I admit I worked on them a little in Picassa. I like that program, too, but not as much as Photoscape. Photoscape has the super collage program.

Picassa has this very cool Polaroid view, too. Isn't that nice?

 I have lots more pictures in varying views but my sister, Carol, says I'm putting too many pictures in each post so I'm only doing five pictures in this post.... Is five too many, Carol?


Am I a rebel or what??   

No, probably not, but I guess I could add a few pictures. That's rebellious, right? My sister doesn't want me to...  she's older than me (heh, heh, heh)... she doesn't want me to put in too many pictures on a post but I'm going to anyway ...  OKAY .... 

 REBEL .... YEA.

I played around with these pictures in Picassa and I highly recommend this program. It's free, too, as well as Photoscape. But I like Picassa better for text.

 God bless, everyone.


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  1. Those are such pretty plants, especially en masse! I love their lovely lavender color against the green.

  2. Thanks, Leslie. I admit I fooled around with the color in Picassa. There is a thing you can do that is called "color boost" and it hypes the color up a little. It gives the picture a little more pizzazz, know what I mean? Thanks for commenting. Linda

  3. I love lots of pictures!

    M :)

  4. The purple blooms are gorgeous! I've not heard of Photoscape but do enjoy using PicMonkey, an online tool.

    1. Right. You do have to install Photoscape. It's not an online thing. I didn't find anything in PicMonkey. Unless you need to pay for the best features? Thanks for joining the discussion! Linda

  5. Very pretty . . . I will look into Photoscape, as well.

    1. Hi, Andrea, I like the collage feature of Photoscape the best. There are so many collage configurations in Photoscape. Gosh, I wish I was getting some money for the business I'm sending their way. :)
      Anyway, good luck. Linda

  6. You go, you rebel! I like lot's of pictures. I have not tried Picassa or Photoscape, I will need to check them out.
    Thanks for linking to my Our Favorite Things Link Party.
    Have a great week


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