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Picket Fence Love

 I was driving recently down a local road and found this beautiful white picket fence filled with flower pots. Is this super cool or what?

I love the squirrel on the post, don't you?

 It's just so sweet. Hope you like viewing this darling white picket fence filled with flowers.


 Every year we "walk the rocks", the rock jetty leading out to the Fayerweather Lighthouse, here in Connecticut.

Here are some pictures of the grandkids walking the rocks.

This is the beginning.

 This is the destination.

Further along...

Walking and walking...

The view...


The boys went all the way to the end of the jetty and off into the sandy marsh. I forgot to tell them it's EXTREMELY buggy when you get off the rocks. I did that once. Not doing that again. Anyway, they took it well when I said I forgot to tell them not to get off the rocks. :)   NOT!

 I noticed that one of the kids had something in his hand...

He didn't know that this was a HORSESHOE CRAB. He said it was upside down on the rocks. I told him we were going to put him back in the water so that he could live. And he did.

 So he did. He climbed down off the rocks and into the sand and placed the horseshoe crab on the sand.

Then I played around with some pics in Picassa. Here are the results.

It was fun. I walked the whole way, too. Do you have a local lighthouse near where you live?

Best wishes,

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