Back to School Fun with Sneaker Laces

  My granddaughter, Faith, and I were buying her sneakers for cheer leading one day a few weeks ago. When she was looking at different colored laces the girl behind the counter said she could show us how to do checkerboard laces with her new sneakers. She said that she does her own sneakers many different fancy ways and she'd be willing to show us the simple checkerboard pattern. Wow. We were thrilled. I love learning new things anyway and Faith was interested, too.

Here are the sneakers with checkerboard laces.

First you have to lace one pair of laces plain like these black laces. I don't know what they call this but the black laces do not crisscross. They go straight across. The girl showed us how to do this also. So one pair of laces has to be laced plain across.

Then you start your second color by leaving about 12 inches on the end and start weaving over and under the black laces as shown.

When you get to the bottom, you turn the lace around and go back up doing the same weaving.

Continue in this way until you go all the way to the end. Finish up at the top where the other end of the lace is. Make a knot and stuff the knot inside and on top of the tongue.

That's all there is to it. The girl says there are very many fancy ways to tie shoelaces and she's done a lot of them. We looked some of them up and there are some very complex ways to weave sneaker laces, let me tell you. At least we learned one thing we didn't know before...

Hope you liked this. Faith is all set for first day of school with her new black sneakers with checkerboard hot pink and black lacings.

Best wishes and squeeze some more summer out of the next week or two before school starts.

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