Guest Room Redo

Guest Room Redo with Tag Sale Finds. Wow. I couldn't believe the wonderful white wicker furniture I found at a tag sale here in Connecticut. When I saw the beautiful white furniture I was afraid to ask the price. Oh, see the canopy bed? Nice, huh? Tag sale!! Also the beautiful white eyelet canopy cover came from a tag sale. Would you believe $25. for both?

 My granddaughter moved right into this room (I babysit her since her mother works nights).

 There was another wicker end table that I used in another room upstairs also. $115. for everything including the wicker rocker. Oh, and all the tables have thick glass tops, too. I'm so enjoying this newly redecorated room.
That's a little fish tank on the dresser on the left. I always have a little Betta (Siamese fighting fish). He adds life to a room. He begs for food. He's pretty and not much work. The perfect pet but not for snuggling. :)

Some pictures of us at the beach here in Connecticut. It was low tide and you can see how far out the tide goes...way far out.

 Testing the waters...

I think I'll put text on this picture. What do you think would be an appropriate, inspirational saying for this picture with a seagull flying? I'm into putting text on pictures now.

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