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Guest Room Redo

Guest Room Redo with Tag Sale Finds. Wow. I couldn't believe the wonderful white wicker furniture I found at a tag sale here in Connecticut. When I saw the beautiful white furniture I was afraid to ask the price. Oh, see the canopy bed? Nice, huh? Tag sale!! Also the beautiful white eyelet canopy cover came from a tag sale. Would you believe $25. for both?

 My granddaughter moved right into this room (I babysit her since her mother works nights).

 There was another wicker end table that I used in another room upstairs also. $115. for everything including the wicker rocker. Oh, and all the tables have thick glass tops, too. I'm so enjoying this newly redecorated room.
That's a little fish tank on the dresser on the left. I always have a little Betta (Siamese fighting fish). He adds life to a room. He begs for food. He's pretty and not much work. The perfect pet but not for snuggling. :)

Some pictures of us at the beach here in Connecticut. It was low tide and you can see how far out the tide goes...way far out.

 Testing the waters...

I think I'll put text on this picture. What do you think would be an appropriate, inspirational saying for this picture with a seagull flying? I'm into putting text on pictures now.

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  1. Oh, I love your granddaughter's room, Linda. She's blessed to be able to stay with grandma while mom works. Great bargain you found too.

    I have to give the quote for your last picture some thought, but I love doing that as well.

    PS-Would love to help with a button, just tell me what you'd like. Maybe you have a picture in mind. Feel free to email me.


  2. Awh, you're too sweet.
    I stopped by again to browse and just noticed how you and Carol arrived at the name of your blog. For some reason, I had not noticed the book before. It is definitely on my reading list now.


    1. Hey, Marcia, The book is a quick read and she has written others, too. She's what you would call a free spirit. :) The other adjective she uses is "juicy". Too funny.

  3. What a pretty room! I'd move right in too.

    M :)

  4. Thanks for thinking of me!
    Sounds like you have a few more things
    to do this summer. Have fun!

    M :)

  5. I bet your Grandaughter loves it!!! I cant believe You got that for $25! That is amazing ... and to think you already had a piece to add to it. Great job! Thank you for sharing with us at The "Sunday Stop"!

  6. What a fresh and inviting room. I bet the guests never want to leave :)

    1. Too funny. Thanks for adding to the conversation, Michelle.

  7. Linda, did you receive my emails from the weekend? Never heard back from you and wondered if everything's okay.

    Much love,