Ducks - Our Cute Little Flock

Here are some pictures of our little flock of Swedish Black ducks. We hatched these ducks from eggs from our original flock. I blogged about what happened to our first flock of ducks here. I've posted pictures of Sunny before. He's our "human duck", since he was imprinted. As soon as he cracked out of his shell he saw my son, David. David's the duck whisperer around here.

Here's David with the flock.

He's a little camera shy. (in other words, he gets mad and takes the camera away from me).

Here's Chocolate on the right - with the big  pouf on his head. (These are crested ducks. They can come in any type of duck. Actually, it's a mistake of nature. They have a slight crack in their skull and it makes the feathers pouf out like that.)

Here is the little flock.

 We have two ducks that have lots of white on them....Vanilla in the front and Snow on the right side in the back. Penny is in the front of the black ducks and then there is Chocolate with the big pouf on his head. In back of Chocolate is Badger.

Hey, what could be better than a video? Here they are:

Then we have Sunny, the human duck. See that little piece of his duck bill hanging? That was when he got bit by our dog, Kasha. Sunny was trying to get into Kasha's food bowl. That's a no no. Sunny bled a little bit and went to the vet but this little piece of beak is still hanging.
And then we have one more duck, a little female who is as cute as can be. She's a crested duck also. Unfortunately, she can't walk but she is full of life, let me tell you. In fact, she is the sweetest, most personable duck we have. She also has a a little wheelchair. Here's a video of her playing with my son and a hair clip. She also plays ball. You roll her the ball and she rolls it back. She loves playing with jewelry, also, and keys. She's a sweetie.
That rounds out the duck flock. Hope you enjoyed seeing our little ducks. Best wishes to you for a GREAT SUMMER!!

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  1. Could your ducks be anymore adorable? I don't think so! I LOVE chocolate--who knew that crested ducks actually have a crack in their skull? Thanks for sharing them with us! Crafty hugs!


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