Beach in a Suitcase?


Look what I did with some tag sale stuff. This is serendipity.
A few years ago I read my granddaughter, Faith, a book called, “Anna’s Table”. It’s a child’s book about a girl named Anna who has a table filled with her seashore stuff. My granddaughter, Faith, wanted to do that, too, and I said, “Let’s use a suitcase to put your seashells and beach stuff in.”  

We live in Connecticut and not too far from the beach so we go to the beach several times a year, getting all kinds of beach stuff – including shells, seagull feathers, pieces of crabs, sand, and whatever we can glean from the ocean. Oh, yea, sea glass and driftwood. I’m big into sea glass. There is a “sea glass beach” – we call it that because it’s near a fishing pier where people have glass bottles (with varying kinds of liquids in them) and then some of these bottles end up in pieces on the beach a few feet away. My sister says that sea glass is just broken beer bottles. I hate thinking of it like that. I want a more romantic view of sea glass, don’t you? But I can’t think of any. Darn it, Carol!!

Here’s the inside of the suitcase. It’s not a real suitcase. It’s a little cardboard gift box in the shape of a little suitcase. I’ve had a bag of sand tucked away in the closet, not knowing what to do with it. It was the first thing to go in the suitcase.

Suitcase 2

I love these little suitcase boxes. I have lots of them scattered all over the house filled with sundry items.
This particular little suitcase came from a tag sale. I love the palm tree on the outside. So perfect.
Look what else I found at a tag sale. (SCREAM)
I found THIS!!!
IMG_1889 (800x600)


Then one day we just put it altogether and made THIS!
We call it Faith’s suitcase. Sorta like Anna’s Table.

sand castle

I saw a cute craft this weekend in Cape Cod. It was a little piece of driftwood with the work BEACH painted on it freehand. Love it. Gotta do it.
Note to self – NEED DRIFTWOOD.

beach sand

Then in Cape Cod I bought this extra, extra cute mermaid that I had to have to add to the Beach in a Suitcase. (Beach in a Suitcase had nothing to do with it. I just wanted the doll, let’s face it!)

The fact that it was made locally only added to the allure.


I bought this sign (Beached and loving it) last year in Cape May, New Jersey. Now that place is wonderful!! The houses are so Victorian and hydrangeas are in bloom everywhere in purple and pink. Some of the houses are purple and pink, too.


Artsy Picture. Blurry Mermaid.

sand castle2

IMG_2109 (800x600)

Might as well throw a Photoscape Collage in here somewhere……… I could make these things all day and night. They are so much fun!

Mermaid page

I like dolls and mermaids and toys in general. Does anyone else out there like these things?

I’m trying hard to make the most of the last weeks of Summer.. Why does it feel like summer is almost over??

Happy Summer

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  1. I love the sandcastle and adorable mermaid doll! I really enjoyed your post about your mom's birthday, I hope she is doing well.

    1. She's doing well. She cooked supper for my family last night. She made a meatloaf (yuck) and a chocolate cream pie (yum). Thanks for asking...

  2. This is such a creative idea and so cute. Thanks for sharing at this week's BFF Open House.

  3. What fun beachy finds! So cute. Thank you for sharing at TTF and have a terrific day!


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