Yummy Lunch from a Yummy Breakfast

Remember the yummy breakfast – Eggs in a Basket?
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My sister has made cheese sandwiches using French Toast for bread. So I thought I could make a sandwich by starting out with the Eggs in a Basket as bread.

Make the Eggs in a Basket. Use them as a basis for a sandwich. While the Eggs in a Basket are still in the skillet, add some cheese on half of it, like shown.

IMG_0966 (800x600)

Then add ham or bacon or sausage on top of the cheese.

IMG_0967 (800x600)

Add more cheese on top of the ham.

IMG_0971 (800x600)

Flip the other side of the bread over to make a sandwich.

IMG_0972 (800x600)

Grill both sides on a slow heat until the cheese is melted.

All  done.

IMG_0978 (800x600)

Does this look yummy or what? There is a crispy crust from making the Eggs in a Basket and then
it is grilled again with cheese (I use American – people around my house like American cheese).
I think bacon in this sandwich would be perfect but I had ham left over from a smoked ham. (My nephew bought
a smoker and for a while there, we were having smoked meat every weekend. Yum. Sometimes it was a little TOO smoky, but the boys got that
under control. The first time they smoked a ham, the smoke smell was in my house for days.)

IMG_0981 (800x600)

So there you go, a yummy lunch (dare I say a MAN’S lunch?) made from a  breakfast food.

Best wishes,

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