Beach Cottage Square Wreath and Photoscape

Remember when I was on my square wreath kick? Well, this Beach Cottage Wreath is one of the wreaths I made at that time. One of my daughter’s loves “Beachy decorating” so she just loved this square wreath I made from an old frame. This frame is wider because I wrapped the fabric around the frame AND the mat. I didn’t take the mat off. I just wrapped around both of them. So this square “wreath” is wider and has less open space in the middle.

107 (480x640)

I had lots of shells, seastars, and beach stuff to glue onto the wreath I think the white “rope” adds to the whole beach theme, too.

065 (640x480)

Here is how the “wreath” looks on my daughter’s mantel.

108 (800x600)

129 (800x600)

132 (800x600)

And I couldn’t resist using Photoscape again to make some fun collages.

111 (800x600)edd

Isn’t this nifty?

Ocean Square Wreath

I love this next collage. It’s got a pretty little white stenciling on top of the mat.

Ocean square wreath 2

The best thing about Photoscape, download here, is that it’s FAST! Oh, yes, I wouldn’t be interested if it was something that took too much time. After you download Photoscape there is a round MENU and you go to PAGE which will give you all the collage templates on the right hand side. Click on one and it will appear in the middle of the screen. Drag and drop your photos in. I usually try several combinations. Then SAVE. It saves them where you took the photos from so it's easy to find them. SNAP!!

I made more collages but I thought three were enough to show. This is so fun, this Photoscape program, especially for making collages!! No, I'm not making a dime from this but I SO want everyone to enjoy this new program I found. Best wishes to my friends and followers for a lovely summer day...

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  1. LOVE the wreath!!! The birdies are so cute!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!


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