Summer Fun One

Every summer we go berry picking. Usually we start with picking strawberries and then in July we pick blueberries. Michele(niece) and I sometimes pick raspberries, too, but that’s later on in the season.

Blueberry Picking

This is all part of our summer fun and I love it. I’ve been picking berries for years first with my kids and now my grandkids.  It’s a fun thing to do especially with kids.
We live in Connecticut so there are lots of places to pick-your-own fruits and vegetables. Here is a link for pick your own in Southern Connecticut but if you Google “pick-your-own strawberries (or whatever you want to pick) you will find plenty of resources.
We go to Jones Family Farms in Shelton, CT. Their motto is “Be good to the land and the land will be good to you”.
So we get these very cool boxes to put our blueberries in and then we can also get a bunch of the smaller containers which are easier to hold. Then we get on THE BERRY FERRY. YAY.

Berry Ferry

Depending on where they are picking in the fields we either have a long ride or a shorter ride. I like to ride on the berry ferry. The kids love it, too. You have to hold on tight because the Berry Ferry bumps up and down all around the field. So fun.
Time to pick the berries…..


It can get hot picking in the open fields so we don’t usually stay too long. Basically we are there for the Berry Ferry experience of being with nature and picking her bounty.

Picking berries

There are lots of green berries so you have to pick and choose.


It can take a while …


Look at my BOUNTY…”Okay, there’s not much in there but it’s HOT. Sometimes there’s whining going on… “I’m thirsty. I’m hot. I’m hungry.”


We’ll be picking strawberries in a few weeks if not earlier. Because of the warm Spring we had, everything is out early. How about where you live? I know the Dogwood trees were in bloom a few weeks ahead of time here in Connecticut. Good old Connecticut. Here’s an old saying:

If you don’t like the weather in Connecticut, wait 10 minutes.

Yea, the temperature is that changeable here. You can have the heat on in the morning and the air conditioner on in the afternoon. When a front moves in, the weather/temperature can change in a short time.
Well, I hope you try picking your own fruits and veggies. It’s great fun. I tell my grandkids to eat in the field. What we eat we don’t have to pay for. :) They say, “No, I want to wait til I get home.” Grrrr…

Oh, and here is a link for 10 Fun and Simple things to do with kids this summer. I found some fun stuff to do on this site, like making your own outdoor sun oven. I want to try that with my grandkids this summer. I've seen it done before but I've never done it. I think you need a hot, sunny day to do this. Hope you have fun looking through these ideas.



  1. What a wonderful day. Not only getting such great, fresh fruit but the memories you are making.

  2. This sounds like a lot of fun! Especially the Berry Ferry.
    Love your new header--it looks great.


  3. looks like such fun! we just went strawberry picking the other day! thanks so much for linking up to tip-toe thru tuesday!

  4. Thanks for sharing such a fun trip with us! I have to take my kids to our local farm to pick some fresh fruit soon. Thanks for sharing at tip toe thru tuesday!

  5. Lots of work to get those gorgeous berries but worth it! Thank you for sharing your day with us at The "Sunday Stop"!

  6. Love fresh local berries : just did a post on my blog not too long ago about strawberry picking but here's the kicker...I am a grandma now and I USED to pick berries there as a kid for my first job! :)

    You are building wonderful memories with the grands...


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